Well + Good: Walmart Beauty Event Is Here

Well + Good: Walmart Beauty Event Is Here

And You Can (Finally) Upgrade Your Self-Care Routine Without Breaking the Bank

POV: After a busy day, you’re *finally* about to sit down, light a candle, and meditate… when the overflowing laundry basket in the corner catches your eye. As you get up to go deal with the laundry, another cycle of deprioritizing your self-care regimen in favor of more pressing tasks begins.

But here's the thing: Whether self care for you looks like meditation, skin care, working out, or something else entirely, it actually is pressing for your overall well-being.

Makeup artist Isabel Y. Rosado can personally attest. For her, self care has helped her to become more centered and avoid burnout. “Self care is important because clear space, clear mind,” Rosado says. “We have many responsibilities throughout the day, whether that is working or taking care of others around us. The time we choose to give to ourselves is a grounding time to breathe and be present.”

Her version of self care is artfully applying a fresh face of makeup, but no matter what you like to do to take care of yourself, you can find the essentials you need at great prices during the Walmart Beauty Glow-Up Event, which is online and in-store through April 21. So go ahead and prioritize yourself this spring—the laundry can wait a few minutes.

Patchology Moodpatch Happy Place Puffiness and Wrinkles Reducer Eye Masks Gel

Like your self-care moments to make you feel as if you’re at a spa? Then these hydrating, tea-infused aromatherapy gel eye patches are for you. If you wear makeup, Rosado recommends using them before makeup application to de-puff the eyes, which will mean less concealer and foundation usage. “Skin is alive, and needs its care before makeup, always,” Rosado says.