what are the big beauty trends for 2019?

December 20, 2018

The beauty industry is driven by newness. Every week there’s a new buzz ingredient promising to revolutionise our skincare routine, or a new celeb-endorsed make-up brand. And by the looks of things 2019 will be no different. I mean, there’s already talks of a Christina Aguilera X Lidl hair accessories line to look forward to! But beyond the daily product drops and weird insta-famous trends, there are bigger shifts and innovations switching up the entire beauty landscape -- quite often, for the better. To find out what 2019 has in store, we asked a line-up of trend forecasters (whose jobs require them to hunt out beauty’s ‘next big things’) to share their big-picture predictions for the coming year.

Injectables, without the needles
Injectables like Botox and fillers have been on the rise for the past few years, but for those of us not keen on sticking needles into our faces, but still want to get on that pro skincare hype, an alternative is in sight. “There’s a new genre of skincare designed to mimic dermatological and surgical results for those who want the smooth effect, without the syringe,” says Victoria Buchanan, senior strategic researcher at The Future Laboratory. She calls out no-needle microneedling patches like Starskin’s Micro-filler Mask Pack, while skincare guru Nannette De Gaspe is reportedly cooking up a sheet mask form of mesotherapy (vitamin skin injections) without the needles. Other brands like Patchology are borrowing the same transdermal drug delivery tech from big pharma companies to deliver skincare ingredients to the skin. Like nicotine patches, just with hyaluronic acid, these futuristic patches deliver a steady stream of the ingredients over time, and according to aesthetic doctor Dr Barbara Kubicka, “this method provides far superior absorption from traditional topical application, only usually achieved by injectables or pushing formulas into skin via devices.”