You Can Now Put Your Best Foot Forward, Thanks to These Ultra-Luxe Foot Peels

Before you feel repulsed by the idea of peels dedicated to your *probably* neglected feet, please don't. We said it first: Foot peels are actually amazing, and they deserve just as covetable a spot within your Sunday self-care routine as your favorite face mask. In fact, foot peels are similar to face masks in that they add a dose of hydration to otherwise tired and dry feet. Some are a little more intense and actually help shed the dead skin on your feet while others just give you a serious dose of moisture while you sleep. Whatever your foot peel of choice—we have the perfect fit for your feet.  

Keep reading for the best foot peels to play fairy godmother to your poor, forgotten feet this season. (You'll thank us—we promise.)

Think of this hardworking foot mask as a game-changing facial for your feet. (A feecial? We digress.) Anchored with a top-notch "Activating Essence," featuring luxe, concentrated forms of both AHA and BHA botanical blends, dead skin, dullness, and sandpaper-esque patches won't stand a chance. (Just beware that your peeling will probably last a total of three to seven days. So if you're applying the treatment before a trip, plan for it.)

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