2020: The Year of Realistic Resolutions

by / Dec 16, 2019
2020: The Year of Realistic Resolutions


Every time January 1st rolls around, people get Ambitious with a capital A. Work out eight days a week, make a million dollars in a month, quit listening to Taylor Swift (on repeat) cold turkey—ambitions like these are admirable, but not entirely realistic. Rather than compromise your sanity with outlandish goals, focus on these four instead.

1. Shift Your Priorities

Between stacks of work and demanding schedules, it can be easy to lose sight of what truly matters. Believe us, we get it. So for the next 365 days, we dare you to: 

  • Call your family (way) more often. 
  • Meet friends for dinner instead of DMing them. 
  • Volunteer for that cause you care about.

2. Practice Self-Love:

Want to lose weight this year? Find a gym that makes you feel welcome. Want better skin? Drink more water and give our Breakout Box 3-In-1 Acne Treatment Kit a try. But while you’re at it, do us a favor—go easy on yourself. Self-improvement and self-love can work hand-in-hand if you allow them to. To avoid losing sight of this, write a list of things you’d like to change and things that are perfect as they are before your journey even begins.

3. Slow Down:

Like we said before, the world moves fast—a little too fast. It’s important to take the proper time to recharge both mentally and physically so you can be your best self. At least twice a week, set aside five minutes to close your eyes, apply a pair of our soothing Moodpatch® Down Time Eye Gels, and reflect on a positive moment from your day.

4. Dedicate Yourself to Growth:

Stuck in a routine rut? It's time to break it. Get out there and try things you've always wanted to, but never have. Sign up for that design course, take that rock climbing class, book that flight to Indonesia—go full-on Eat Pray Love. If not now, then when?

Your future best self is counting on you.