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Meet: Amy, Our Retail Sales And Training Coordinator

Let's dive in and learn more about Patchology and who we are!

Where are you from?

I'm from a county in England called Surrey which is just outside of London in a town called Guildford.

What do you do at Patchology?

As the Retail Sales and Training Coordinator for Patchology, I play a critical role in being present within stores such as big department stores in London which consist of Liberty, Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, and more doors in and around the UK. I do fun, exciting events for new launches, or even pop-ups that the stores have organized and invited me to be part of. I build relationships with the shop floor teams and management to constantly keep that healthy workplace environment and buzz around the stores. Also making it exciting for the teams by creating incentive cards that they can fill in when selling Patchology.  I’m responsible for all of the training aspects of my job role too, which is making sure all store teams are trained with Patchology by expressing with them the brand's overview and in-depth product knowledge. This includes covering new product development and line extensions.

London Store Shopping

I visit in person as many of the stores that I physically can get to on a monthly basis to make sure we’re staying relevant in the teams' minds, whilst frequently refreshing their memory overall. For the stores that are a little further away, for example, 2 of our top performing stores are in Edinburgh and Newcastle, I touch base with them in person at least twice a year, but constantly do follow-up touch bases and virtual training on a regular basis.  Another essential role of my job that I play a massive part in, is creating training and educational videos across multiple platforms such as Instagram and TikTok for all doors to have access to. This is a fun way of making the teams engaged and retaining information about Patchology. I work closely with the Social Media team by creating relevant content which won’t just engage store teams, but also customers that follow Patchology’s main accounts on social media.  I also touch base weekly with all doors either via email, WhatsApp, or Instagram after plugging in numbers from the sale reports we get each Monday morning to praise the teams' successes for the sales they have made with Patchology the previous week, this shows that we are appreciative of their continuous hard work and support, it is important that this doesn’t go unnoticed.

What's the coolest thing about being (your role)?

I absolutely love that every day and every week is different and always consists of something new and fun. I love meeting new people and constantly traveling around is something that I love to boast about to my family and friends!

Your favorite Patchology product?

Rose sheet mask serve chilled
My favorite Patchology product is definitely the Rosé Sheet Mask! I'm a trained professional Makeup Artist, so I'm all about the radiant base before makeup application. I love the natural 'glowy' effect and finish that it gives.

3 personal facts about you

amy make up artist stylist and expert at Patchology

  1. I completed a 9-month intense Makeup Course so I am a qualified, professional Makeup Artist in all aspects of the industry, such as TV & Film, Fashion & Bridal 
  2. I LOVE to travel, especially getting the privilege to go to places that I've never been to before! 
  3. I love going to the gym, especially before my usual workday begins as it makes me feel productive and motivated to start the day!

Favorite self-care activity that you practice weekly?

Every Sunday is my usual self-care day (isn't it everyones?) where I do my pre-wash hair care routine, pop a SmartMud Detox face mask followed by Rejuvenating eye gels and take the time to pamper myself. This gets me ready to start the week!

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