Patch Pack: Meet Meghan

Meet The Patchology Team Meghan

Where are you from?


What do you do at Patchology?

I am the Product Development Manager at Patchology! I own the product development process bringing our products from ideas to physical products. This process entails product strategy and research, supplier coordination, testing, regulatory reviews, packaging creation, and support with product launches.

Consumer research is HUGE in this role. I'm always looking to develop products that our consumers not only want and need but ones that they’ll absolutely love. On the day-to-day, my role requires a lot of attention to detail and good project management as I’m always developing multiple products at once!

What's the coolest thing about being (your role)?

The process of bringing a product from concept to actually something that sits on store shelves all over the world is so cool. There are countless times I’ve stepped into stores and have been like “Oh wow! That’s the product I developed!” It’s super cool to see and to be there in real-time watching shoppers pick up and even purchase your product.

Your favorite Patchology products and why?

Rosé eye gels. I absolutely love the scent and ingredients in this eye gel. They’re just so fun and make every application feel like a special moment.

Lip Service Gloss To Balm Treatment
Also, Lip Service! This stuff works wonders on your lips and lasts for hours. I love that it turns from gloss to balm and gives the slightest little tingle with the peppermint oil. Whether it's during the day or for a night out, I’m always wearing my Lip Service.

3 personal facts about you

morning woman workout

  1. I am a health and wellness lover. Literally everything from morning routines to healthy eating, to working out, I’m about. I got my Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate a couple of years ago to expand my knowledge in this area.
  2. An ideal day off for me entails going to the beach. I now live in Charleston, SC where the beaches are absolutely beautiful!
  3. I love dogs of all kinds. I actually had a pug growing up who always had his tongue out because it was too big for his mouth :)

Favorite self-care activity that you practice weekly?

I really can’t pick a favorite but I will say working out! There’s nothing better than shutting off your mind and doing something so good for your body. I love making a pump-up playlist to really get me in the mood and then follow every session with my favorite protein smoothie. I usually go in the mornings and it really just sets the tone for the entire day! Weightlifting is my go-to but I also love Pilates.

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