The Big Reset: How to Start the New Year with Gratitude Journaling

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Starting 2024 With An Attitude of Gratitude

The turn of the calendar offers a chance at a fresh start. As you gear up for the new year, set intentions around self-care and consider keeping a gratitude journal as part of your reset routine. Taking time to nurture yourself physically, mentally and emotionally builds resilience to thrive in The Big Reset. An attitude of gratitude is a simple, powerful self-care habit. Committing thoughts of thankfulness to paper rewires your brain for positivity, improves sleep, boosts immunity and can even strengthen relationships. Follow these tips to start a daily gratitude journaling practice.

The busyness of life often keeps us locked in a cycle of stress, anxiety and tunnel vision focused on problems. Self-care helps disrupt this tendency so you can approach each day from a place of calm and intentionality. A gratitude journal grounds you in the present, shifts perspective to gifts great and small, and over time these regular deposits of positivity compound to lift your baseline mood.

Self-care isn’t selfish – it’s essential. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Making time to nourish your mind, body and spirit leaves you energized to care for others. Just a few minutes each morning and night spent tuning into gratitude will pay dividends across all areas of your life.

For the ultimate reset, begin your journaling ritual by applying a Patchology Hydrate Sheet Mask, Chill Mode Hydrogel Facial Mask or set of Rejuvenating Eye Gels. These will instantly infuse skin with hydration and depuff eyes while also promoting relaxation.

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Start Small
You don't need to write an essay. Just jot down 1-2 things you're grateful for each day. Even this quick mental reset tunes you into gifts great and small, setting the tone for appreciation.

Spot the Gifts
Note something ordinary from your day that's easy to overlook as a blessing, like sunshine, clean water, a warm bed or good health. We often take these for granted. Tuning into them fosters gratitude.

Get Specific
Avoid generic “family” or “friends.” Pinpoint unique details like laughing with your sister Tayler over pie on Friday night. Specificity strengthens your grateful mindset. Also note little moments like a stranger’s smile, a child’s infectious giggle or the taste of your morning coffee.

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Contrast Challenges
Counter any difficulties you acknowledge with a positive flip side, like “My legs cramped at mile 2 but I finished in my fastest race time.” This builds resilience to handle obstacles with gratitude, not resentment.

Do It Consistently
Bookend days with quick grateful thoughts rather than long entries sporadically. Consistency builds this reflex in your brain so you automatically tune into blessings.

Let Inspiration Flow
Don’t overthink it. Just reflect on your day’s specifics with an open heart and let the gratitude emerge organically. If you’re stuck, consider the categories of gifts, challenges, surprises and accomplishments.

Real Simple discusses how to start the new year with a five-minute journal.

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Consider Adding:

  • Words of gratitude
  • Favorite quotes
  • Daily affirmations
  • Reflections on positive experiences
  • Photos, drawings or poems

Martha Stewart has suggestions and tips to build a self-care routine with journaling. Learn how to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and feel happier by simply putting your feelings into words.

The five-minute rule works well for busy schedules. No need for lengthy entries – just reset your mindset briefly morning and night. You can journal anywhere. We love this five minute journal on Amazon. Apps like Happy Feed or Personal Growth also offer guided journal templates.

Staying true to an attitude of gratitude transforms your outlook. Use these tips to start the new year on a positive note with a simple daily gratitude journaling practice. When you change your mindset from lack to abundance, your actions follow. Gratitude journals help train your brain to tune into gifts, fueling self-care to enable thriving in 2024. Make time to nourish your whole self - you’re worth it!

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