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Beauty and the Breakdown


Age spots, liver spots, sun damage, acne scars—it’s time to look on the bright side. This first-of-its kind dark spot corrector lightens them up. Gently works for all skin tones and types. In just two weeks, you can start to call it even. In just twelve weeks you'll see those spots disappear.



PowerPatch technology, to the rescue. Copper and zinc filaments in our Dark Spot Corrector Patches activate a gentle microcurrent that accelerates the delivery of our Tone-Targeting Lightening Charge™ Complex. Medical-grade adhesive ensures zero irritation. Faster. Better. Brighter. Stronger.


Our patented PowerPatch technology combines copper and zinc filaments that are activated by the natural moisture from your skin to produce a gentle, low-level microcurrent that silently and painlessly accelerates the delivery of our Tone-Targeting Lightening Charge™ Complex.


Before you take aim, make sure you’re going after the right targets.

Age spots, liver spots, sun damage, acne scars. These are the flat, tan-to-dark spots that appear on your skin, typically in areas with more sun exposure. Dark Spot Corrector brightens and lightens them quickly.

Freckles, skin tags, red dots, raised dots, dark brown dots, black dots, moles. Dark Spot Corrector isn’t designed to change their appearance.



The unique blend of brightening ingredients in PowerPatch™ Dark Spot Corrector help to reduce the appearance of pigmentation while you sleep, without the potentially harmful side-effects of bleaching agents. Our gentle medical-grade adhesive is safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Step 1: Apply patch over discolored area. Wear nightly. Remove in the morning. Repeat for 2 weeks.

Step 2: Apply gel over discolored area in the morning. Leave on all day. Use additional skincare and/or sun protection as desired. Repeat until no gel remains.