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FlashMasque® 5 Minute Sheet Masks: Perfect Weekend Trio

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The Skin Care Trifecta

Have it all this weekend with our Perfect Weekend FlashMasque Kit. Including our 3, FlashMasque 5 Minute Sheet Masks, this is sure to make the other days jealous.

Included: 3 FlashMasque® Sheets Masks (1 each of: Hydrate, Illuminate & Milk Peel)

May cause sensitivity if used within the first 24 hours after deep exfoliation or chemical peel.

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How to Use

Go ahead, try it.

The FlashMasque® Milk Peel 5 Minute Sheet Masks are best used once a week. Our FlashMasque® Illuminate and FlashMasque® Hydrate 5 Minute Sheet Masks can be used as often as needed. Put any of the sheets on before makeup or at night.

Step 1: Unfold the masque and apply to clean, dry skin.

Step 2: Place over your entire face, pressing the material snuggly into facial contours.

Step 3: Leave on for 5 minutes (or longer if desired).

Step 4:Remove the masque. No need to rinse. The serum with fully absorb into skin. Follow with your normal skin care regimen.

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Take Five

All of our FlashMasque® 5 Minute Sheet Masks feature our proprietary HydraSurge5™ Moisture System, which includes an exclusive complex of 5 proven hydrating ingredients.

Patchology Ingredient
Yeast Amino Acids:

reduce trans-epidermal water loss, as they moisturize with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection.

Patchology Ingredient

locks water into the skin for lasting hydration.

Patchology Ingredient

softens and moisturizes your skin.

Patchology Ingredient

enhances water-binding properties for your skin.

Patchology Ingredient

strengthens your skins barrier and controls water to improve firmness and elasticity.

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"This clever hydrating, illuminating and resurfacing sheet mask collection will help skin recover from a long work week so you can face the weekend beautifully."

"Tell her to save it for the next time she's coming to town. With TSA-friendly masks for her face, lips, and more, the flight will feel like a total breeze."