Milk Before Bed Stack


Wind down at the end of a long day with our Milk Before Bed stack. Apply a pair of FlashPatch Restoring Night Eye Gels for a dose of anti-aging retinol. Layer a FlashMasque Milk Peel sheet mask on top to gently exfoliate and enhance your glow. Relax for at least 5 minutes, then get your beauty sleep.

Included: 1 pair FlashPatch Restoring Night Eye Gels, 1 FlashMasque Milk Peel sheet mask

We've enlisted a few friends to show off how to stack our products together to create a super boost of our gorgeous ingredients in one 5-10 minute mask moment. Thank you so much to KC for partnering with us! 

$ 10.00

The Stars Align With Us

Patchology Press Raves
After the five-minute application, my lips felt smooth, moisturized and not at all flaky…these are totally worth it.
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Patchology Press Raves
Sheet masks have become a staple beauty product among celebrity makeup artist for the ease of application and quick fix complexion treatment.
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