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Night & Day Miracle Eye Duo (a $110 value)

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Anytime Perk-Me-Up meets Overnight Bright

'Neath the moon or under the sun, this kit is the one. At night, Retinol and Peptides in the Restoring Night Eye Gels go to work on dark circles and fine lines.

In the AM, Caffeine and Hydrolyzed Collagen in the Rejuvenating Eye Gels tackle puffiness and deliver a hit of essential moisture to the undereye area.

A must for on-the-go skincare, packaged in a cute, reusable makeup bag. In just 5 minutes, these hydrogel patches will have you believing in miracles.

Included: FlashPatch® Rejuvenating Eye Gels (30 Pair Jar) and FlashPatch® Restoring Night Eye Gels (30 Pair Jar) in our new cosmetic bag, exclusive to the Night & Day Miracle Eye Duo


How to Use

Whether You Need a Wakeup Call or a Bedtime Story

Our FlashPatch® Rejuvenating Eye Gels should become a daily part of your regular pre-makeup skin care regimen. Use our FlashPatch® Restoring Night Eye Gels at night to soothe tired, over-worked eyes. They are perfect for travel, jet lag or pre-party prep.

Step 1: Place 1 pair of gels onto clean, dry under-eye area for 5 minutes (or longer if desired).

Step 2: Discard after use and massage remaining serum into skin.

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Soak In What Your Skin Needs

Our proprietary HydraSurge5 Moisture System features an exclusive complex of 5 proven hydrating ingredients. In addition, the FlashPatch® Rejuvenating Eye Gels include:

Patchology Ingredient

Improves micro-circulation for brighter tone and reduced puffiness

Patchology Ingredient
Sodium Hyaluronate:

Naturally binds moisture to the skin

Patchology Ingredient
Centella Asiatica:

Encourages collagen synthesis while inhibiting skin inflammation

Patchology Ingredient
Hydrolyzed Collagen:

Improves skin hydration, elasticity, tone and density

Patchology Ingredient
Portulaca Oleracea Extract:

Brightens the under eye. Rich in Vitamin C and essential Omega3 fatty acids.

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"You’re a busy person who has important things to do, so you can't always wait around for 15 or 30 minutes to let your patch do its thing. Enter the Patchology FlashPatch® Rejuvenating Eye Gels ($15), which contain a catch-all mix of collagen and caffeine."

"And the great thing about this mud mask? No mess, no cleanup — just soft skin.
I've used Patchology sheet masks for a couple years now, and without fail, they always yield really impressive results."

"I love Patchology’s sheet masks, because they STAY PUT and don’t slip off (my number one gripe with most face masks)."

"With these five-minute hydrogel patches, you’ll look like you got the full eight hours’ sleep even when life doesn’t allow it."