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SmartMud® No Mess Mud Masque: Detox Sheet Mask

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The Total Toxin Eliminator

Rid your skin of impurities in one clean step with SmartMud® No Mess Mud Masque. SmartMud® makes mud easy to apply and remove. It's the neatest way to clear up your complexion and dispose of pore-clogging debris. Get the purifying properties of mud right where you want them (on your face) and not where you don’t (all over your sink).

Ideal for: Normal, combination and oily skin


How to Use

Wear it Well

Our SmartMud® No Mess Mud Masque comes in two pieces (one for the upper portion of your face and one for the lower). Detoxifying but never drying, our mud masque should be used once a week or as often as needed.

Step 1: Unfold both sections.

Step 2: Remove the white backing and place mud mask over face.

Step 3: Remove the clear backing and press snugly into facial contours.

Step 4: Leave on for 10 minutes or longer if desired.

Step 5: Remove, discard masque and rinse with warm water.

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See how easy to use and mess free SmartMud® is...


All the Detox Without the Dryness

Our luxurious formula includes:

Volcanic Ash
Volcanic Ash:

Purifies and renews clarity

Patchology Ingredient
Kaolin Clay:

Detoxifies, cleans and clears

Patchology Ingredient
Activated Charcoal:

Attracts and absorbs dirt and oil

Patchology Ingredient

Moisturizes and tones while helping skin retain water

Hydrolyzed Collagen:

Plumps, smooths and tightens

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"That's why we love these kaolin and bentonite clay-infused sheet masks that make working a mud mask into your routine easier (and way less messy) than ever"

"Think of this as that mud mask you used to use, but without the mess. This sheet’s serum is replaced by a mud, so you get the detox benefits of clay but the easy use of a sheet mask."

"If you, like me, love mud masks but hate how messy they can be, you should give Patchology's SmartMud No Mess Mud Masque Sheet Mask a try."

"And the great thing about this mud mask? No mess, no cleanup — just soft skin."