Cosmopolitan: 10 of the best pimple patches

breakout box by patchology charcoal nose strip removes gunk

Heal your breakouts at lightning speed

Tried and tested spot stickers that not only clear acne but prevent it, too!

Pimple patches, spot stickers, blemish pads – call them what you will, just know that these bad boys are a game-changer when it comes to tackling zits.

If, like me, you're skin is more on the dry side, but you still get the odd whitehead or red hormonal chin spot, it can be hard to know how to treat it. Some products designed for acne can be overly harsh, especially on sensitive skin. That's where pimple patches come into play because they directly treat the blemish, rather than drying out your entire face. Not only that, but they speed up the healing process so your spot doesn't hang around until your next period.

And if you're prone to getting regular spots and don't want to cover them with makeup, spot stickers are also a fun way of concealing your blemish. Just take Florence Pugh's super cute no-makeup selfie as a prime example!

To help you figure out what spot sticker is for you, we've tested them all to give you our ranking of the best ones on the market.

Patchology Breakout Box 3-In-1 Acne Treatment Kit

Patchology's Breakout Box has every possible blemish crisis covered.

Containing 24 hydrocolloid dots designed specifically for whiteheads, 24 different-sized salicylic acid dots for other breakouts and 3 nose strips to tackle blackheads.

My only recommendation would be to skip the nose strips. As satisfying as a traditional pore strip is, they can actually do more damage and enlarge your pores even further.

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