Real Simple: 12 Internet-Famous Spring Beauty Products

Rejuvenating under eye patches

Thousands of Five-Star Ratings Under $25 at Amazon

Step up your self-care routine for as low as $5.

Spring weather can be a confusing time, not only for your allergies and closet space, but also for your beauty and skincare routine. The transition between seasons can have you still suffering from dry skin, or already breaking out the sunscreen. No matter where you may fall, these popular finds under $25 are here to help. 

With a wide range of the latest viral beauty products, Amazon’s Internet-Famous Section has so many great picks with thousands of five-star ratings. Get ready to step up your routine with serums, masks and other beauty products from well-known brands like CeraVe, Laneige, L’Oreal, and more—starting at just $5. 

Patchology Rejuvenating Eye Patches $3-$50

Dry skin. Puffy eyes. Fine lines and wrinkles. Don't worry! We have a quick fix for tired eyes: collagen gel eye patches.

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