US Today: 5 Easy-To-Use Masks You Can Actually Unfold

bubbly hydrating and brightening mask


Patchology Serve Chilled Bubbly Hydrogel Brightening Face Mask

Truthfully, during my testing, I became partial to hydrogel masks. The material is more accessible to unfold than traditional fabric masks because, often, they come in two parts (or more) and are folded in half, versus the complex origami folds many sheet mask manufacturers typically go for.

The one downside is that the material is as slippery as an eel, so you need to keep that in mind when picking up your hydrogel pieces. To combat that issue, they usually come lined with a backing that allows you to get a better grip on it.

You then stick the jelly part to your face and peel off the sticker once it’s in place. The plastic backings on these Patchology masks helped make placement more accessible. It gave me a more rigid piece to work with instead of a wispy husk to grip that could just as quickly recrumple as I to align it into place. I loved the Bubbly mask, but another favorite of mine was their Chill Mode mask, which was super soothing.

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