Vogue UK: 23 Under-Eye Masks To Treat Wrinkles, Dark Circles, Puffiness, And More

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Under-eye masks may have won over Instagram thanks to everyone from Victoria Beckham to Kaia Gerber and Cindy Crawford, but as it turns out, the double-tap-worthy treatment also delivers serious complexion rewards. Though not intended for everyday use, they offer a “boost” to the delicate area on especially swollen mornings, notes Hollywood facialist Mila Moursi. (The root causes of that puffiness? Pollution; poor sleep; hot, dry indoor air; inadequate make-up removal; and heavy creams, which can overburden the skin at night, she adds.) With that in mind, sleep soundly knowing that the latest wave of masks are formulated with a wealth of transformative actives for a supercharged appearance upon waking – no matter the previous evening’s transgressions.

Do under-eye patches really work?

Composed of gel or woven sheets infused with concentrated serums, eye masks are an effective and targeted treatment for the delicate skin around the socket. Thanks to their occlusive fabric layer – which prevents moisture from being lost through evaporation – the hydration and actives an eye mask is steeped in are readily absorbed by the skin. Under this fabric, focused skincare penetrates more deeply than a stand-alone serum or eye cream, resulting in an eye contour that’s immediately plumped and refreshed. And, with choice ingredients for firming (think peptides and collagen) as well as consistent use, they can improve deeper set concerns like fine lines and wrinkles. Here, the best eye masks to stock up on now.

Patchology Moodpatch Happy Face Eye Gels

Patchology’s Happy Face Eye Gels have earned such a name for a reason: made with hibiscus, coconut extract, and lotus flower – not to mention a feel-good rose aroma – the tea-infused treatment is a boost for both your skin and senses.

Pros: revitalises tired eyes leaving behind a radiant glow | broad gel design treats a wider area of the under eye | aromatherapeutic

Cons: contain fragrance which may irritate more sensitive skin types

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