Yahoo!: These Are the 12 Best Under Eye Patches to Use on Your Wedding Day

Yahoo!: These Are the 12 Best Under Eye Patches to Use on Your Wedding Day

 By the time your big day rolls around, you’ve likely spent weeks (if not months) committed to a dedicated skincare routine. All that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor (i.e. fresh, glowing skin). But there’s one last minute product that you can pull out of your back pocket as you prep for all of the wedding festivities—under eye patches.

While they’re not an absolute skincare must-have, they can be very helpful for maximizing delivery of ingredients to the under eye area and are a great quick fix, says Dr. Fatima Fahs, a board-certified dermatologist in Michigan. They’re also a top choice to have on-hand both for the wedding day, and the time leading up to it. “For brides, under eye patches can be particularly helpful for the wedding week itself. Alcohol consumption, a lack of sleep, and stress can all make the under eye area appear puffy and dark,” says Dr. Fahs. “An under eye patch can hydrate, as well as reduce inflammation and swelling. Your makeup will go on smoother and you will look bright-eyed for all your photos.”

As a general rule of thumb, any eye patch is going to do a good job at de-puffing the skin, simply by their mechanism of action. But these are especially good at keeping that promise, thanks to their innately cooling and soothing sensation. “These patches couple Icelandic glacial water for nutrient replenishment along with ginkgo biloba leaf extract to brighten the under eye, and have antioxidants like CoQ10 as well as peptides to both cool and firm at the same time,” says Dr. Fahs.

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Key Ingredients: Glacial water, ginkgo, peptides, CoQ10 | Quantity: 12 | Benefits: Hydrates, cools, firms, de-puffs

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