10+ Thoughtful Self-care Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day is around the corner and that special woman in your life truly deserves to be pampered and showered.  Avoid bringing stressful last-minute energy to your gift-giving and get ahead of the curve with these 10 thoughtful self-care ideas that will help say “I love you” to that special woman in your life. 

These gifts are perfect for your:

  • Mom
  • Spouse
  • Sister 
  • Aunt
  • Grandma
  • (Future) Mom-in-law
  • Mom-to-be

Go beyond the traditional (dare we say, boring?) gifts that moms typically expect on Mother’s Day and instead WOW her with these unique gift ideas self-care gifts for mom.

Mother’s Day thoughtful self-care gift ideas 

Even if you’ve never been a mom, try to imagine what any mom truly wants – to be surrounded by love, peace, and family. These 10+ thoughtful gifts incorporate love and family into self-care rituals while also taking into consideration the mom who just might want time away from it all to rejuvenate. 

These gifts can fit into any budget – some can be crafted out of items lying around the house. Others can be invested in, but don’t stress if not – as we said, Mom just wants to feel appreciated, seen, and thought of. Find unique ways to thank her for everything she’s done and make it a special day all about HER! 

DIY self-care Mother’s Day gifts she’ll love

Who doesn’t love a DIY gift that was made by hand and with love? If you’re crafty, here are some unique DIY crafting projects mom will love:

DIY body scrub (beginner)

If you can bake cookies, you can make Mom a body scrub. We’d consider this a beginner-level DIY project since you’ll just be mixing essential oils with sugars – most of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen. Follow these DIY recipes to make a body scrub that will smell amazing and leave her skin glowy and soft.

DIY face mask (beginner) 

Making face masks can be a fun activity and a great gift! The beauty experts at Elle have a few fun DIY face mask recipes you can make with common household ingredients like honey, avocado, and cucumber.

DIY greeting card or photo collage (intermediate)

You can get creative and draw your mom a beautiful Mother’s Day card using computer paper or cardstock and some markers! If you’re not an artist, try designing a card in Canva and printing it out. They even have Mother’s Day Card Templates to get you started. Bonus points if there’s a sweet message inside that reminds your mom how special she is. 

DIY candles (expert) 

Candle-making can be a more in-depth project, but if you’re up to the challenge, it can make a great self-care gift for mom. Try making candles with dried petals from Mom’s favorite flowers infused with drops of lavender, citrus, or sage.  

Thoughtful gifts Mom won’t stop thinking about…

Day at the spa 

A day at a luxury spa getting pampered with a massage, facial, and mani/pedi is the sweetest treat ever, but if that breaks the bank, you can bring the spa experience home! 

An at-home spa experience can be even more thoughtful and customizable anyway. Gather supplies you already have on hand like candles or incense, bath robes, and sparkling water to create an ambient space. All you need is the Cloud Nine Kit to bring head-to-toe pampering to the comfort of your home! You’ll get 2 rosé face masks, 15 pairs of rosé eye gels, 1 renewing rosé fingers mask, and 1 renewing rosé toes mask. This is the perfect spa pampering kit to give Mom the full head-to-toe treatment and let her decide if she wants company or not. 

Treat mom like a true VIP and don’t forget to snap a pic of her in her hand, foot, eye, and face mask glory (for the mems, of course). 

Self-care spa party 

Have more than one mom you’ll spend Mother’s Day with this year? Turn the living room into a spa party! With the right self-care kit, you can gift mom, auntie, AND grandma the best getaway right in the comfort of your home. Check out the Moodmask Me-Time Face Mask Kit for a 5-pack of face masks or snag a 4-pack of your favorite sheet masks to set the vibe.

Custom at-home facial

Facials can easily cost hundreds of dollars if performed at the spa. If you’re looking for an affordable, more thoughtful option, all you need is a facial steamer, exfoliator, and a Detox mud mask to bring the facial home to mom! 

Luxury pampering experience gift basket 

Okay, we just thought of the BEST idea. Put together a cute little self-care basket for your favorite woman! Fill it with everything you think she’d get excited about pampering herself with, like a spa headband, ice roller, eye gels, face mask, and even an overnight lip mask. Put it all in a cute basket, bucket, or even a cute reusable bag. Don’t forget to stuff the bottom with tissue paper to elevate the products so she can see everything! 

Don’t feel like assembling an entire basket? Shop our favorite pre-made self-care kits.

Breakfast in bed 

Mom just wants to feel loved and appreciated on her special day, and what better way to show gratitude than bringing her favorite breakfast in bed? Nothing says I love you like a cup of coffee and a stack of pancakes, right? 

Gift Mom a shopping spree for Mother’s Day

A shopping spree is the best retail therapy known to “woman-kind”. If you’re not sure what to get Mom, what about letting her pick it out for herself?! A shopping spree is a great way to spend quality time together and have mom pick something she’ll get use out of. 

There are 3 components to a successful Mother’s Day shopping spree: 

Set a budget

Before you head to the mall, let Mom know you want to buy her a specific item (a new purse, a new pair of shoes, etc.). You can also set a budget minimum and maximum so Mom has an idea of what she can spend! Maybe you’re only shopping for one item or maybe you’re giving mom an allowance and letting her pick anything she wants up until that budget is met! 

Either way, shop till you drop and enjoy a day out shopping with Mom.

Treat her to lunch or coffee 

Shopping almost always works up an appetite – prepare to treat mom to lunch, a snack, or even some coffee! 

Prepare to unwind

Come back home after your shopping spree and be prepared to work out those callouses and achy feet. Set time aside to treat mom to a foot peel or foot mask. A foot peel is best for dissolving dead skin and removing tough callouses over a 3-week shedding process, while a foot mask deeply moisturizes the feet for soft, smooth, and revitalized toes in just 10-15 minutes. 

Relaxing after a long day is the component every mom very easily misses – this key step shows you appreciate all that she does and want to give her the gift of relaxation.

Thoughtful sweet treats for Mom

Who doesn’t love chocolate or candy? Another thoughtful Mother’s Day gift idea is to treat Mom to something sweet. 

Here are some ideas she may love: 

  • Chocolate truffles
  • Cake or muffins
  • Candy salad
  • Chocolate covered strawberries 
  • Cookies or doughnuts 
  • Ice cream

Whatever sweet treat you choose, make it thoughtful! Try to remember Mom’s favorite sweet treat and if you’re prepared to go the extra mile, consider any dietary restrictions she may have. There are tons of dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, and organic desserts out there – you’d be surprised what you can find! 

Gift her favorite beverage

Give the gift of Mom’s favorite drink and all the accessories that come with it! Whether the lucky lady in your life loves tea, coffee, or a good ol’ mimosa, get them everything they need to fix themselves a drink! Here are some clever pairings to put together a thoughtful gift for Mom.  

For the tea drinker 

There are so many fun gifting ideas for tea lovers, like a new mug or this flower-shaped tea infuser. You can also gift a sampler of loose teas for Mom to indulge in during her self-care time.  

For the wine lover

Cheers to the wine lover! If your mom loves mimosas, get her a bottle of champagne AND her favorite mixer. If she’s a wine-o, get her a bottle of wine and a customized wine glass. If she loves rosé, get her a bottle of the good stuff paired with a Rosé All Day Self-Care Kit and she will never forget it! When she pops that bottle open and pours herself a glass while she pops on a hydrating face mask doused in the scent of rosé, she’ll be thanking you for that moment of relaxation.

For the coffee enthusiast 

If your mom has too many mugs, consider other ways to give her a coffee-related gift. Check out a French press, a quality milk frother, an upgraded coffee machine or espresso maker, coffee grinders, or an iced coffee cup (or pretty much anything) that says “Cool Mom”.

sleep restful spa day at home

Give the gift of great sleep

Let’s face it – there’s not a mom on earth who couldn’t use some precious sleep. Whether you’re shopping for a new mom, toddler mom, or truthfully any mom who values her beauty sleep, you can give the gift of beauty sleep in a few different ways: 

Picture this: Mom’s about to get in bed but she sets aside 30 minutes to take a quiet bubble bath, slip into her robe, and apply a face mask and some under-eye gels. After 5 minutes of relaxation, she peels off the masks and reveals dewy, radiant, plump skin. Her shoulders aren’t tense anymore, her skin isn’t dry, and her fine lines are less prominent. She slips into some silky pajamas and lays her head on her lavender-scented pillow. Slipping on a sleeping eye mask, she drifts away into sleep. 

Who wouldn’t want to gift mom a luxurious bedtime experience? Putting together a gift basket with multiple sleepy-time items is a great idea, but if you can only bundle a couple of items together, we’re positive Mom will get creative and fill in the blanks on her own! 

There’s a self-care gift for every Mom

At the end of the day, the perfect thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for your mom, aunt, grandma, friend, or sibling truly depends on what kind of Mom they are and what would bring them joy. Think about their struggles, what makes them happy, or what could improve their day-to-day life. How do they unwind? What are they interested in?

Whether you show your love through handmade gifts, gifting a spa experience, cooking, or sharing sweets and a beverage, it’s the thought that counts and we can guarantee it will mean more to Mom than you can even imagine. 

P.S. – are you doing long-distance with Mom? If your loved one is far away, you can still share a customized and thoughtful self-care gift with her! Send off some self-care goodies in preparation for Mother’s Day and plan a time to video call. You’d be surprised how uniting it can feel to chat on FaceTime while doing a face mask or sipping some tea.