Your Guide To Adaptogens in Skincare

by Daren Curry / Nov 18, 2022
Your Guide To Adaptogens in Skincare

Adaptogens are a skincare savior – especially as we head into winter. And they are a hot topic in beauty, recently discussed in publications like Harpers Bazaar,  The Guardian, and The Metro which explains why they’re the next wellness trend.  So we’re taking a look at the top skin concerns you need to watch out for, with some great ingredients to consider when changing your routine in line with the changing seasons.

Hit rewind with retinol for summer sun-damaged skin:

Although it’s not as sunny, these months are often when we see the toll that the sunshine has taken on our face. A quick retinol fix reverses sun damage by shrinking pores, lightening sunspots, and increasing collagen production. The Patchology FlashPatch Restoring Night Eye Gels use Retinol, as well as a trio of three powerful peptide complexes to reduce fine lines and smooth away fine lines.

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Give dry skin the cold shoulder:

Colder weather means drier skin. As we start to spend more time indoors, with the decreased humidity and days by heaters, your skin needs a hydration hero. Most skincare fans already know that Hyaluronic Acid is a staple of any beauty routine and deeply replenishes dehydrated complexions. So, how do you level up your hydration efforts when your skin needs an added boost? Ingredients like Vitamin B5 can enhance the ability to soften and soothe while also moisturizing, betaine helps the skin retain moisture. So, a skincare solution with all three of these ingredients is the triple treat your routine needs to beat seasonal dryness.

Patchology Hydrate Flashmasque

How to adapt your routine with Adaptogen:

Adaptogenic herbs and plants have been used for years to fight stress and fatigue, in recent years these amazing ingredients have been found to help free radical damage. Topical adaptogens, usually found in plants like Schisandra Berry and Reishi Mushroom, help to maintain skin balance and build up a natural barrier to protect from environmental stressors, like a sudden change in temperature. The soothing calm feeling of that first Pumpkin Spiced Latte? This is that, but for your face.

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