How To Achieve Radiant Wedding-Ready Skin for Brides and Wedding Guests

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Wedding season is upon us and whether you’re a wedding guest, in the bridal party, or the glowing bride herself, you’ll want to prepare your skin the same way you prepare an outfit for this special day. 

If you doubt that your skin glow could be as important as your outfit, remember that weddings create memories that last a lifetime. You’ll want to remember the positive moments and happy times, rather than your stressing over dry skin, rough hands, or cracked lips.

Not only that – photos and videos will be captured and shared around the family for years. No pressure or anything…

Let’s chat about the perfect skin routine for any wedding guest to achieve healthy, dewy, and radiant skin, even if you’ve just stepped off a plane for a destination wedding.

The ideal skin routine for any wedding guest

Skincare can sometimes be overlooked for wedding guests and wedding parties because it’s common to assume if you’re wearing makeup, the invisible layers of skincare underneath can’t be seen and won’t matter much. It’s false! A flawless makeup application is only as smooth complexion below it. Clear, radiant skin reflects light best which contributes to that dewy, youthful glow we all love. 

Make sure your skincare is in check before the wedding by following 4 easy steps: 

Step 1: Clear and calm skin flare-ups
Step 2: Soothe and refresh your skin
Step 3: Brighten and tighten the eye area
Step 4: Hydrate and boost radiance

These 4 steps will clear up your skin in no time! Let’s dive into the best products to help you achieve clear, calm, and hydrated skin. 

Step 1: Clear up and calm skin flare-ups

The first step to addressing pre-wedding skincare jitters is to assess the situation: what skin concerns do you have? 

Some common skin concerns are: 

  • Blackheads
  • Pimples 
  • Clogged pores
  • Inflammation 
  • Irritation
  • Redness 

Opt for natural ingredients like willow bark, tea tree, and peppermint oil to help impurities and inflammation disappear. For a 10-minute fix, The Good Fight Sheet Mask uses the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving ingredients mentioned to shrink pores, calm redness, and reduce inflammation.

The best part is once you’ve introduced this face mask to your skin, you can keep it on hand and use it at any point leading up to the wedding! It’s a safe way to reduce redness and inflammation while preventing the formation of new blemishes. 

Pro-tip: Need a blemish to be gone fast? We highly recommend pimple patches in The Breakout Box that can cure anything from a newly-forming blemish to a blackhead or a large pimple.

Step 2: Soothe and refresh your skin

Let’s face it – weddings are stressful no matter what your title is when attending. You’ll want to relax your mind and skin, and the Press Reset Soothing Sheet Mask can do exactly that! 

Calm your skin and senses with a botanical blend of aloe vera, shisandra berry, sage, and lavender. This sheet mask will help you indulge in a moment of self-care amidst all the madness just like pressing a reset button on your skin. 

After just 10 minutes, you’ll notice the aloe vera has calmed the skin, the shisandra berry has boosted your skin radiance, and the sage and lavender have brought harmony to the senses and promoted a balanced, tranquil glow. 

Pro-tip: The Press Reset Sheet Mask is ideal for soothing and restoring skin after a day in the sun! If you’re attending an outdoor wedding, slip one of these face masks in your bag for a refreshing treat after a long day of fun in the sun! 

close up detail of rejuvenating eye gels to brighten and reduce wrinkles

Step 3: Brighten and tighten the eye area

The eye area is very commonly neglected and we’re not sure why – without proper care, your under-eyes can reflect premature aging or dark, sunken eyes can make you look tired. Make sure to look awake and refreshed in photos at your next wedding by taking care of your under-eye area with eye gels. 

If you’re new to eye gels, they’re true miracle workers that can brighten, revitalize, and plump the under-eye area very quickly. 

The best hack to avoid under-eye darkness, puffy under-eyes, and fine lines, is to nurture the eye area with Rejuvenating Eye Gels

These best-selling eye gels are infused with powerful ingredients like hyaluronic acid and peptides to deliver intense moisture and promote collagen production, leaving your skin visibly smoother and more youthful. With just a few minutes of application, you can experience a refreshed and revitalized look, making these eye patches a must-have in your skincare routine at all times, not just during wedding season. 

If you’re not convinced yet, check out what these 100 participants said after five minutes of using the Rejuvenating Eye Gels:

  • 100% said their tired eyes appeared awakened, revived, and revitalized
  • 98% said their under-eye area looked and felt smoother
  • 97% said their under-eye area looked less puffy
  • 94% said one 5-minute under-eye treatment provided more immediate results than their current under-eye skincare routine

It’s amazing what just 5 minutes of intense yet gentle skincare ingredients delivered straight to the under-eye can do for your overall appearance! Sign us up!

Step 4: Hydrate and boost radiance

There’s no way to say I Do without that beautiful, radiant glow every bride wants on her special day. Even if you’re not the bride, a dewy glow is a sign of healthy skin, so it makes sense why we all crave it! 

The Say I Dew Rosé Celebration Skincare Kit is the perfect set to put in bridesmaid proposal boxes, keep in your skincare collection to use before the big day, or even hand out as a wedding party favor! 

Say I Dew Rosé Celebration Skincare Kit includes: 

  • 2 Rosé Face Masks
  • 1 Pairs Rosé Eye Gels
  • 1 Renewing Rosé Fingers Mask

Not only will this kit keep your complexion and under-eyes looking bright and well-hydrated, but it also includes a hand mask! 


Don’t forget to hydrate your hands!

It’s time to stop underestimating the importance of soft hands! What better time to slip into a hand mask than right before an occasion where you will be holding hands and shaking hands all day? 

The Rosé Hand Maskis designed to intensively hydrate and visibly renew dry hands while basking in the light, effervescent scent of rosé, delivered in a rose-gold foil mitten. Give your hands the self-care they deserve with a luxurious spa-like experience while restoring moisture, smoothness, and elasticity to dry hands.

The mask is enriched with a blend of hydrating and soothing ingredients, including shea butter, strawberry oil, and resveratrol (from grapes!). These ingredients work together to deeply moisturize and nourish your skin, while also protecting from signs of environmental stressors which can lead to early signs of aging (it’s a win-win!)

The Rosé Renewing Hand Mask is also perfect for on-the-go use, as it comes in a convenient, travel-friendly package that you can easily take with you wherever you go.

On-the-go skincare for the Destination Wedding guest or bride

Speaking of travel-friendly, we wanted to address the concern of packing a full skincare regimen into a stuffed suitcase for a destination wedding. 

If you’re fortunate to be swept away on a destination wedding, please do not skimp out on skincare. It is essential while traveling to avoid dry, dull, and gray skin.

What skincare to pack for a destination wedding

According to Harper’s Bazaar,  your skin gets brittle and loses color after a flight because of “dehydration itself, lack of sleep, or the high altitude reducing blood flow to the skin". You can’t put makeup over this and expect it to go away – dehydration and loss of blood flow will show in your skin, under-eyes, and lips. 

Here are 4 skincare essentials you should pack for a destination wedding flight: 

1. Hydrating face mask. You’d be surprised how 5 minutes under a hyaluronic acid-infused sheet mask can awaken your skin. Preserve the plump and dewy glow to your skin with hydrating ingredients during or after your flight.
2. Night eye gels. Did you know the hours between 10 PM and 12 AM is the best time to repair your skin? Whether you pop your eye gels on during your red-eye flight or after you land, retinol eye gels are a shortcut to firm up the under eyes with squalane and peptides to wake up with a youthful radiance the morning of the big day. 
3. Day eye gels. Weddings are a big deal – don’t rely on your skincare from the night before to get you through such a long day. Right before it’s time to start getting ready, pop rejuvenating eye gels on for just 10 minutes and watch how the caffeine and peptides give you that I-woke-up-like-this glow!
    4. Hydrating lip gels. No one wants to be the one with crusty, dry lips at a wedding. If you’re applying lipstick, cracks in your lips will still show through and give an uneven and unflattering look. That’s what lip gels were invented for! Just slip these lip covers over your pout for 5 minutes and you’ll have hydrated, smooth, and plump lips ready to take on the day! 
    5. We have great news – we’ve packaged these 4 essentials into the On The Fly Travel Facial Kit. With this complete set, you'll have everything you need to moisturize, hydrate, and refresh dry skin post-flight.

      Pro-tip: This is an online exclusive! Order yours in advance to secure it for the big day! 

      Your path to wedding-ready skin

      Getting glowy, hydrated, and youthful skin for your upcoming wedding as a bride, groom, or guest, is arguably just as important as your outfit. Your skin's health and appearance can have a huge impact on your confidence and the memories you make will be treasured forever – let’s make them amazing and positive! 

      Clear, calm, and hydrated skin isn't just a luxury; with the right skincare options, you won’t break the bank to achieve luminous skin free from under-eye fatigue and a dull complexion. 

      Whether you're saying "I do" or celebrating alongside the happy couple, we hope you take time to consider upgrading your skincare routine and see it as an investment and your confidence and well-being. Here's to flawless complexions and unforgettable moments, sealed with love and a radiant glow!