How to Apply Face Masks & Eye Gels: Tips for Max Results

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Who doesn’t love unwinding with a sheet mask or eye gels? These targeted treatments are perfect for letting your skin soak in goodness while you unwind, watch a movie, or read. They’re great for your skin and easy to use!

And while it’s a breeze to throw on a sheet mask and gel patches whenever you want, it’s important to apply them properly for the max benefit. Let’s explore how to apply face masks and eye gels so you can get the most out of your fave products.

Tips & Tricks for Applying Face Masks & Eye Gels

How to apply a face mask or eye gels depends on the type of product you have. 

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are so easy to use that you may be wondering why you’d need a tutorial. Well, it’s true that they’re easy to apply, but you may not know how to get the most out of your sheet masks.

First, you’ll always want to cleanse your face before applying a mask. This ensures your skin is clean and ready to absorb all the amazing ingredients to come. Then, you should carefully unfold your sheet mask and apply it to your skin, making sure it fits snugly into your facial contours like your nose.

How long you leave a face mask on depends on the directions, some masks can work wonders in as little as five minutes while some take up to 10 minutes. 

The most important step comes after you remove your mask. Don’t rinse your skin! The serum will have fully absorbed into your skin and you don’t want to remove it. Gently massage any serum into your face and follow your normal skincare routine.

Pro Tip: Put that serum to good use! Take the serum from your sheet mask packet and give your face, neck, and hands a delightful massage for maximum results!

Clay Masks

Clay masks can be a little messy. That’s why Byrdie recommends using a face mask brush to apply them! 

A face mask brush not only keeps your hands clean but also makes it easier to apply an even, opaque coat of product all over. This ensures you’re not wasting any product or drying out your skin. Then, make sure to rinse your clay mask off with lukewarm water.

Clay masks are great for detoxifying your skin and unclogging pores, but should only be used once or twice a week depending on your skin type. Since they can dry your skin out it’s best to add them sparingly to your skincare routine. 

Eye Gels

Eye gel patches are similar to sheet masks since they’re super easy to throw on when you want to give your skin extra TLC. Simply place a pair of gels onto a clean, dry under-eye area and avoid any contact with your eyes.

The gels perfectly adhere to your skin as it absorbs the serum. When you’re done don’t forget to massage any remaining serum into your skin!

How to Wear Eye Patches

eye patches how to wear

Eye Gel FAQs

wash your face and apply eye patches under your eyes to clean skin

Here are the steps on how to apply face eye gels for maximum results:

  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and pat it dry
  • Apply a toner to your face to help prep the skin for the eye gel
  • Take a pea-sized amount of eye gel and apply it to your ring finger
  • Gently tap the eye gel onto your under-eye area
  • How you wear the eye gels depends on the results you're targeting. For dark circles wear the rounded side towards your nose. For puffiness or fine lines wear the eye gels rounded side out.
  • Let the eye gel sit for 5-15 minutes, or until it is absorbed
  • Massage any remaining eye gel into your skin

Here are some additional tips for applying eye gels:

  • Use eye gels that are specifically formulated for the delicate skin around your eyes
  • Look for eye gels that contain nourishing ingredients that are known to be beneficial for the eye area, such as hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and peptides
  • If you are using eye gel patches, leave them on for 5-20 minutes

Here are some of the benefits of using eye gels:

  • Eye gels can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time
  • Eye gels can help to brighten and hydrate the eye area, especially great to add into your morning skincare routine
  • Eye gels can help to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes
  • Eye patches can help to improve the overall appearance of the eye area


Face Mask FAQs

Woman with headband applying face sheet mask in front of mirror

Sheet masks and eye gels can be a great addition to your daily skincare routine. Here are some more tips to make sure you’re using them correctly.

How Long Can You Wear a Face Mask?

While some face masks are meant to be used overnight, most sheet masks should only be worn for a maximum of 20 minutes. Healthline explains that weaning a sheet mask for longer can have a reverse effect and actually begin to dry out your skin since the serum has been absorbed.

How Long Do You Leave an Eye Mask On?

The same rule applies to eye gels. FlashPatch® Eye Gels work in 5 minutes. Eye gels are great for reducing puffiness and leaving your skin refreshed, but leaving any eye patches on longer for 20 minutes can make your skin dry and dull.

When Is the Best Time To Use a Face Mask?

There’s no right or wrong time to use a face mask, but we recommend using them before you apply your makeup or at night. 

That being said, there are some products that lend themselves better to certain times of the day. For instance, Illuminating Eye Gels and face masks are perfect for giving your skin a nice glow in the morning when you need it the most. The evening is the perfect time to repair your skin and reverse the signs of aging with FlashPatch® Restoring Night Eye Gels or the Restoring Night Hydrogel Face Mask.

With these tips in mind, you’re on your way to getting the most from our best-selling sheet masks, eye gels, and more.