How to Heal Chapped Lips

Lip Service Balm to Gloss How to Hydrate Your Lips

We’re just gonna go ahead and say it—chapped lips suck. They’re sore, flakey, and so not cute. Luckily kissing them goodbye isn’t ultra difficult.  

The simplest way to take your pout from parched to pretty is water. Put super scientifically, if your body is dehydrated, your lips are one million times more prone to dryness. JK we don’t know the exact stats. But seriously, to keep them looking juicy, you have to hit the water cooler.  

Another way to give chapped lips the boot is by consuming healthy fat. We know, we know, another diet tip. But hear us out—your body needs omega-3 fatty acids in order to produce sebum AKA natural lubricants. So try adding chia seeds to your breakfast smoothie, having a handful of walnuts at lunch, or cooking up some salmon for dinner.

Once you’ve exhausted your kitchen cures, grab a Hydrate Lip Gels and let the hydrating Coconut Extract and soothing Lavender work their magic. Then up the moisture with multiple swipes of our majorly nourishing Lip Service Gloss-to-Balm Treatment throughout the day.

To heal dry, chapped lips, try the following tips:

  1. Hydrate: Drink plenty of water to keep your body and lips hydrated.

  2. Lip balm: Apply a moisturizing lip balm regularly, especially before bedtime. Look for balms with natural ingredients like honey and goji berry (yeup Lip Service has these).

  3. Exfoliate: Gently exfoliate your lips using a soft toothbrush or a sugar scrub. This will help remove dead skin cells and promote healing.

  4. Avoid irritants: Avoid lip products with alcohol or fragrances, as well as actions that can dry out your lips like licking them or exposing them to harsh winds or sun.

  5. Humidify: Use a humidifier in your room to add moisture to the air and protect your lips from drying out.

Hear that? It’s your lipstick begging to come out of retirement already.