Moisture Barrier 101: How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Hydrated

take care of your moisture barrier 101 on patchology

What is the moisture barrier and why is it important?

The moisture barrier is the outermost layer of your skin. It is made up of lipids, proteins, and water. The moisture barrier helps to protect your skin from the environment and helps to keep your skin hydrated.

Forbes does a deep dive into the basics of your moisture barrier here

The functions of the moisture barrier

 The moisture barrier has several important functions, including:

Protecting your skin from the environment: The moisture barrier helps to prevent water from evaporating from your skin and helps to protect your skin from harmful bacteria and allergens.

Keeping your skin hydrated: The moisture barrier helps to trap water in your skin, which keeps your skin soft and smooth.

Preventing transepidermal water loss: TEWL is the process of water evaporating from your skin. The moisture barrier helps to reduce TEWL, which helps to keep your skin hydrated.

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How to protect the moisture barrier

There are several things you can do to protect the moisture barrier, including:

Using gentle cleansers: Harsh cleansers can strip the moisture barrier, so it is important to use gentle cleansers. You can find the best gentle cleansers on Sephora here. Look for natural, nourishing ingredients and fragrance free cleansers created for sensitive skin.

Avoiding over-washing your face: Over-washing your face can also strip the moisture barrier, so it is important to wash your face no more than twice a day.

Using moisturizers: Moisturizers help to hydrate the skin and protect the moisture barrier. Hydrate is a mega dose of moisture. 

Avoiding harsh weather conditions: Harsh weather conditions, such as cold weather and hot weather, can damage the moisture barrier, so it is important to protect your skin from these conditions.

Signs of a damaged moisture barrier

There are several signs that your moisture barrier may be damaged, including:

  • Dry skin
  • Cracked skin
  • Itchy skin
  • Redness
  • Flaky skin

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How to repair a damaged moisture barrier

Tips for keeping the moisture barrier healthy

If you think your moisture barrier may be damaged, there are several things you can do to repair it, including:

  • Use a gentle cleanser
  • Avoid over-washing your face
  • Use a moisturizer
  • Avoid harsh weather conditions
  • Drink plenty of water: Drinking plenty of water helps to keep your skin hydrated, which can help to repair the moisture barrier

If you want to learn more about your moisture barrier Healthline covers how to maintain and protect your skin from free radicals.

    How to maintain healthy, hydrated skin with Patchology

    rose toes restore and heal

    Rosé Fingers and Toes

    These masks are enriched with a blend of hydrating and soothing ingredients, including shea butter, strawberry oil, and resveratrol (from grapes!). Rosé Fingers and Rosé Toes ingredients work together to deeply moisturize and nourish your skin, leaving your hands feeling soft and revitalized while protecting from signs of environmental stressors that can lead to early signs of aging.

    hydrate mask 


    Created to deliver Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 to your skin quickly and effectively, helping to reduce dryness and reinvigorate your skin in as little as five minutes - up to four times faster than traditional sheet masks. 

    Our Hydrate sheet mask is packed with nourishing ingredients that provide deep hydration for thirsty skin. The hyaluronic acid is able to hold up to 1000x its weight in water. This helps draw moisture into the skin and binds it to the skin cells. 

    Hydrate will help to restore your skin barrier with nourishing ingredients. When you apply a Hydrate Sheet Mask to your clean, dry skin, the ingredients have direct access to your skin cells. The sheet mask helps to create a seal that prevents the ingredients from evaporating, so they can be absorbed deeply into your skin.

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    Lip Service

    This innovative lip treatment is formulated with goji berries, aloe, and honey, which provide a cushion of hydration that locks in moisture for ultimate softness. The ultra-hydrating Lip Gloss-to-Balm is infused with a blend of nourishing ingredients. Peppermint extract, Vitamin B3, and niacinamide work together to deeply moisturize and plump your lips, giving you a full, youthful pout.

    The Wrap

    A well-nurtured moisture barrier is the foundation of healthy, radiant skin. We are committed to helping you achieve and maintain this essential protective shield with our carefully crafted skincare solutions. Explore our products, embrace the power of a balanced moisture barrier, and revel in the beauty of your skin's newfound health and radiance. Your skin deserves the best, and Patchology is here for you.

    By following these tips, you can keep your moisture barrier healthy and hydrated, which will help you to have healthy, glowing skin.

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