Self-Care Customer Spotlight: Emily

Patchology fan Emily S. first discovered the brand in Anthropologie in 2019 while she was experiencing breakouts and dry, dull skin, and she has included it in her self-care routine ever since.

“When I have a long or stressful day, I look forward to using the products to relax and make me feel better."

Read on to learn about the skin solution that got her hooked, her current Patchology favorites and other ways she practices self-care*.

Tell us about the first time you used Patchology.

I had never heard of the brand before, but I was instantly drawn to the fun packaging and multitude of innovative solutions to make skin feel and look better. The products felt tailor-made to the concerns I had with my skin. My first product was the Breakout Box. I had never used this type of product before, and my skin felt better after using it. When I experienced breakouts, they went away faster and less painful than if they cleared up on their own. Now, I always have it on hand!

What is your favorite Patchology product and how does it make you feel?

I love so many of your products, but my favorite product is the Beauty Sleep Hydrogel Face Sheet Mask, which I just recently tried. The texture reminds of a giant eye gel for your entire face. I like that it helps protect and improve my skin. I particularly like the addition of Retinol, which is great for anti-aging. Other products I enjoy include: Roll Model Smoothing Roll-On Eye Serum, Detox Mud Face Sheet Mask, The Good Fight Clear Skin Sheet Mask, and both the Rejuvenating and Restoring Night Eye Gels.

How do you embrace self-care in your life? How can others bring more self-care into their lives?

I think self-care is critical for having a happy, enjoyable, and satisfying life. I accomplish this through daily walks, eating healthy, and drinking lots of water. Patchology products definitely help as well - when I have a long or stressful day, I also look forward to using the products to relax and make me feel better. My recommendation to others? Take time to do what you love everyday and schedule your priorities rather than prioritizing your schedule.


* Responses have been lightly edited for brevity and clarity.