Tap-In to the Benefits of Facial Rolling: How to Use Rose Quartz & Jade Rollers

Woman using rose quartz facial roller on face

When it comes to your complexion, your under eye area is home to your most sensitive skin. It tends to be drier and more delicate than your other skin and is also more prone to fine lines and discoloration.

But did you know that you don’t have to deal with dark circles or dry under eyes every day? Facial rolling is the perfect addition to your skin care routine to brighten your eyes!

Read on to learn all about the benefits of facial rolling along with how to use a roller on your face.

Face Roller Benefits

Woman using Jade Eye Roller With Vitamin C on under eye area

Face rolling is perfect for delivering targeted treatment to your under eyes while also providing a gentle facial massage. This combination of powerful serums and rolling offer many benefits such as:

  • Improved circulation: According to Healthline, a face roller can stimulate blood flow which may help brighten up your under eyes.
  • Decrease puffiness: Using the roller to massage your under eyes can stimulate your lymphatic system and encourage lymphatic drainage to reduce the appearance of under eye bags.
  • Soothe irritated skin: Most facial rollers are made from jade or rose quartz (more on that later). These stones can be refrigerated to deliver a soothing, cooling effect to your under eyes. 
  • Distribute skin care products: Facial rollers should be used with a serum or moisturizer to effortlessly glide across your skin.This also helps you get the most from your products and may help them penetrate deeper into your skin.

Rose Quartz Roller Benefits

Rose quartz face rollers are a popular choice for this product. That’s because the rose quartz stone (besides looking pretty) is cool to the touch and non-porous so it’s great at distributing product to your under eyes.

Rose quartz is also known for being the stone of unconditional love. When it comes to crystals, some people believe it emits a strong vibration of:

  • Love
  • Joy
  • Emotional healing

Jade Face Roller Benefits 

Jade rolling is another popular type of facial roller. Like rose quartz, it can also remain cool and is non-porous. Jade is also known for being extremely calming. As a roller, it provides gentle face stimulation to help improve the elasticity of the skin, brighten your complexion, and reduce puffiness.

According to The Spruce, jade is considered to be a living stone in China. Many people believe it has healing properties and can help balance your body by removing toxins. Its vibrations are associated with:

  • Healing
  • Harmony
  • Longevity

How to Use a Facial Roller

Facial rollers are incredibly easy to use and incorporate into your skin care routine. According to the Cleveland Clinic, a facial roller should always be used with serum or moisturizer to help it glide. Without a serum or moisturizer, you could damage your skin. Then, simply roll outwards or away from your face to help support lymphatic drainage.

For the best results, use a facial roller every day (especially in the morning) for about five minutes.

On-The-Go Facial Rolling

When you want to light up your eyes no matter where you are, Patchology’s roll-on eye serums are here to help. Our collection of facial eye rollers cover all your skin needs:

Jade Eye Roller With Vitamin C is ideal for battling dark circles and brightening your under eyes.

Rose Quartz Roller With Hyaluronic Acid will have your delicate skin looking dewy in a flash thanks to hyaluronic acid and banana extract.

Yellow Jade Roller With Peptides gently delivers peptide eye serum to your sensitive skin so you can fight fine lines once and for all.

Upon first use, simply place the roller ball tip on dry under eye area and roll back and forth until roller ball eye serum begins to release. These mini facial rollers are great for travel, late nights, or defeating the powers of darkness.

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