The Importance of Self Care: Start Practicing These 6 Self Care Ideas

Self care sign on pink background

What does self-care mean to you?

Over the past few years, there’s been a change in self-care expression. An emphasis on mental health and overall wellness also came with an increased interest in skincare as part of a holistic approach to treating yourself.

At Patchology, we believe self-care and skincare go hand in hand. Here are a handful of self-care ideas that you can try any day, any time - because you deserve it!

1. Try a Face Mask

Whether you want a refreshing start to your day or to treat your face to some TLC after work, a face mask is a great way to fit in some self-care time. Putting on a Patchology face mask is like having a spa day at home. The combination of powerful signal ingredients and soothing scents enhances your self-care experience while still delivering results.

2. Take a Day Off

Take a guilt-free mental health day! Self-care and work-life balance are important topics to talk about. Take a day off from work to relax, catch up on your to-do list, or shop - it’s totally up to you!

3. Practice Mindful Movement

For many people, self-care is also tied to their physical health. Practicing mindful movement is a great way to treat yourself physically and mentally. According to Mindful, these types of movements allow us to check in with our bodies and get active in a way that can help us lower stress.

This can be anything from a gentle yoga session or walking your dog to a workout at the gym.

4. Take a Bath

There’s something luxurious about drawing yourself a bath. Take a moment of self-care in the tub, where the hot water can help you chill out and relax your body. You can even create an experience for all your senses by lighting your favorite candle, using bath salts, and treating your skin with under eye gels.

5. Cook a New Dish

Cooking is a great way to nourish your body and mind. Have an entire self-care night to make a dish you’ve always wanted to try. Of course, we won’t tell if you order your fave take-out meal either!

6. Refresh Your Skin Care Routine

Feeling motivated to upgrade your self-care practices? One of the first steps is making sure the products you’re using are good for your skin! Take the time to throw away any expired skin care products and invest in new ones that are better for your complexion.

Why is Self-Care Important?

Self-care is all about taking the time to nourish yourself! This can look different for everyone, but usually involves something that helps you improve your physical and mental health.

Above all, remember that self-care is never selfish. Whether you spend the night in with a face mask watching your fave show or go on a hike with friends, practicing self-care is all about doing something that makes you happy.

Get started with some of these self-care ideas from Patchology today. Shop our Full Collection of Skin Care Favorites!