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Treat Yo’ Feet

Rough, cracked feet are the worst, especially during sandal season when they’re on full display—seriously, does anything ruin your new cute sandals faster than janky feet? Because dulling dead skin cells are prone to building up on your heels and soles, moisturizing is key to keeping feet smooth and soft. That’s why we are loooving our new Best Foot Forward Softening Foot & Heel Mask.

Just like your hair, your soles need a deep-treatment mask in order to stay healthy and soft, and we’re trippin’ over these booties. Lined with nourishing Shea Butter, skin-renewing Coconut Oil, and calming Japanese Evergreen Extracts, your feet will feel just like a newborn baby’s after using them. Here’s how: Slip them on clean, dry feet, kick back, and take 10 minutes to chill before removing and massaging in. (We personally like to pop outside for a few minutes of sunshine, but catching up on Stranger Things works too.) They even have straps to secure them to your ankles so you aren’t doomed if you forget your phone across the room. We like to use them once a week or so to ensure our heels and toes are in tip-top shape. Put your feet first, people!