What Causes Cracked Heels?

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 Learn How to Treat Dry, Cracked Feet at Home

Our feet go through a lot. From intense gym sessions and running errands to lounging on the beach, your feet take you where you need to go!

And because our feet take the brunt of our movement, they can experience wear and tear over time. Cracked heels are a common foot problem that can be both unsightly and uncomfortable. Luckily, there are some at home remedies that can take your heels back to being silky smooth.

Read on to learn more about the causes and how to heal cracked heels at home.

Common Causes of Cracked Heels

Essentially, cracked heels are when calluses form on your feet. This dry, thickened skin can be uncomfortable and begin to crack the more you walk. The calluses may begin around the rim of your heel but, over time, can expand to your foot pad.

What causes feet to crack and split? Here are a handful of factors that can be hurting your heels:

  • The climate, especially cold areas or seasons with low humidity
  • Shoes that don’t fit properly or open-backed shoes like sandals
  • Standing for long periods of time
  • Taking long, hot showers that leave your skin parched for moisture
  • Using harsh soaps or detergents can strip your skin of natural oils

Sometimes, cracked heels are caused by medical conditions like diabetes, a fungal infection, or psoriasis. Also, as you age you may experience cracked heels more often because it becomes harder for your skin to retain moisture.

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Healing Your Heels at Home

When you have dry, cracked skin on your heels, proper footwear and moisture are your best friends. Here are some tips for how to fix dry feet at home.

 Wear the Right Shoes

To avoid cracked heels or to help heal your feet, it’s important to wear supportive, properly fitting, closed shoes. Similarly, wear cotton socks to help lock in moisture and support your heels.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

When treating cracked heels at home, it’s essential to rely on the right moisturizer. Hot water can cause your skin to dry out, so use warm water when you shower or use a foot soak instead. And always make sure to moisturize your feet with petroleum jelly or your favorite moisturizer within 10 minutes after you take a shower or bath.

Avoid Harsh Treatments

While it can be tempting to get rid of cracked, dead skin with a pumice stone, this isn’t a good idea. After soaking your feet, this harsh scrubbing can cause heel fissures and increase your risk of infection.

Use Foot Peels and Masks

Luckily, there are more gentle yet just as effective ways to heal dry, cracked feet at home. A foot peel mask is one of the best ways to get rid of dry skin on your heels to reveal the silky smooth skin underneath.

The Poshpeel™ Pedi Cure is a gentle yet powerful and easy-to-use exfoliant foot mask you can incorporate into your self-care routine. Shop our full collection of foot peels and masks from Patchology today!