Which Skin Care Products Should Be Refrigerated?

by Brooke Vescera / Jul 28, 2022
Cold skin care products kept in skin care fridge

Are you ready to cool down your skin care routine just in time for summer?

Keeping some of your beauty products chilled can be a great way to extend their shelf life and treat your skin to some extra TLC. Keep reading to learn more about the ins and outs of refrigerating skin care products.

Benefits of Keeping Skin Care Products Cold

Keeping your beauty products refrigerated can do more than simply provide a cooling sensation to your skin. Here are just some of the benefits of storing your skin care products in a cold place:

  • A consistent, cold temperature can help the active ingredients in your skin care products last longer and remain effective.
  • Cold temperatures inhibit the growth of fungus and bacteria in your products.
  • Cold skin care products feel great on inflamed skin and can provide instant relief, along with treatment.
  • Products that are meant to be stored in a cool, dark place are absorbed better when chilled.

Which Beauty Products Should Be Refrigerated?

Which skin care products should be refrigerated depends on their ingredients. If the label says to store it in a cool, dark place, chances are it can be stored in the fridge.

Here are some cold skin care products you should keep chilled:

  • Gel-based products can feel even more refreshing when kept cold and are better absorbed in the skin. The cold temperature can also maintain the consistency of the product.
  • Face mist lasts longer when refrigerated.
  • Eye creams that are kept cold will have a longer shelf life and can further help to soothe and instantly de-puff around your eye area.
  • Serums should be kept cold to protect the integrity of their active ingredients and prevent them from separating.
  • Sheet masks can give your skin a wonderful cooling sensation when kept cold. Refrigerated face masks are also great for giving inflamed skin the relief it needs.
  • Keep your jade roller cool to help brighten your complexion and reduce puffiness in the morning or at night.
  • Sunscreen that’s been kept cold can last longer and provide a refreshing zing to your skin when applied. However, it also does fine when kept at room temperature.

Beauty Products That Don’t Need Refrigeration

Of course, not all skin care products need to be refrigerated. Here are a handful of products that should be kept at room temperature.

  • Oil-based products, including facial oils and makeup, should never be refrigerated. The cold temperatures can cause these products to harden and make them unusable.
  • Clay products, like clay masks, shouldn’t be placed in the fridge. This can change their color and consistency.
  • Some balms will instantly harden in the fridge, especially if they contain oil. Wax balms, on the other hand, can benefit from refrigeration.

How To Store Cold Skin Care Products

If you’re ready to keep your skin care routine cool for the summer (or year-round), consider a beauty fridge. A pint-sized skin care fridge makes a cute addition to your vanity and can keep all your products cool and easily accessible. Of course, you can also keep products in your main fridge too!

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