Which Skincare Products Should Be Refrigerated?

Cold skin care products kept in skin care fridge

Keep Your Beauty Products Fresh and Effective: Tips for Your Skincare Fridge

Are you ready to cool down your skincare routine just in time for summer?

Taking care of your skin is a crucial aspect of self-care, and using the right products is an important part of any skincare routine. However, it's not just about choosing the right products, but also about properly storing them. Did you know that some of your skincare products may benefit from being stored in the refrigerator (aka skincare fridge)?

Being in a fridge can help to extend the shelf life of certain skincare and beauty products and keep them fresh and effective. We'll discuss which skincare products should be refrigerated and why, as well as some tips for storing your products in the fridge. 

Benefits of Keeping Skincare Products Cold

beauty skincare to keep in cold storage like a mini fridge

Keeping your beauty products refrigerated can do more than simply provide a cooling sensation to your skin. Here are just some of the benefits of storing your skincare products in a cold place:

  • A consistent, cold temperature can help the active ingredients in your skincare products last longer and remain effective.
  • Cold temperatures inhibit the growth of fungus and bacteria in your products.
  • Cold skincare products feel great on inflamed skin and can provide instant relief, along with treatment.
  • Products that are meant to be stored in a cool, dark place are absorbed better when chilled.

Which Beauty Products Should Be Refrigerated?

Which skincare products should be refrigerated depends on their ingredients. If the label says to store it in a cool, dark place, chances are it can be stored in the fridge.

on ice serve chilled eye gels

Here are some cold skincare products you should keep chilled:

    • Gel-based products can feel even more refreshing when kept cold and are better absorbed in the skin. The cold temperature can also maintain the consistency of the product.
    • Face mist lasts longer when refrigerated. Face mists are a popular way to hydrate and refresh the skin, especially during the hot summer months. Keeping your face mist in the refrigerator can make it even more refreshing and soothing, especially if you have sensitive or inflamed skin. The cool mist can help reduce redness and inflammation, while also providing a burst of hydration to your skin.
    • Eye creams that are kept cold will have a longer shelf life and can further help to soothe and instantly de-puff around your eye area. Eye creams are a must-have in any skincare routine, as they can help reduce puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines around the eyes. However, many eye creams contain active ingredients that can lose their efficacy when exposed to heat and light. By keeping your eye cream in the refrigerator, you can prolong its shelf life and ensure that it remains effective in reducing the signs of aging and fatigue around the eyes.
    • Serums should be kept cold to protect the integrity of their active ingredients and prevent them from separating.

sheet masks to hydrate your skin in the fridge for an added boost of depuffing
  • Sheet masks can give your skin a wonderful cooling sensation when kept cold. Refrigerated face masks are also great for giving inflamed skin the relief it needs. Sheet masks are a popular skincare product that can provide a quick and effective boost of hydration and nutrients to your skin. However, sheet masks can dry out quickly if not stored properly, and the heat and humidity in your bathroom can contribute to this. By storing your sheet masks in the refrigerator, you can ensure that they remain moist and fresh, and also provide a cooling sensation when applied to your skin.
  • Keep your jade roller cool to help brighten your complexion and reduce puffiness in the morning or at night.
  • Vitamin C Serums Vitamin C serums are a popular anti-aging skincare product that can help brighten and even out your skin tone, reduce fine lines, and protect against environmental stressors. However, Vitamin C is notoriously unstable and can lose its potency when exposed to light and heat. By keeping your Vitamin C serum in the refrigerator, you can prolong its shelf life and ensure that it remains effective in delivering its anti-aging benefits to your skin.

Beauty Products That Don’t Need Refrigeration

Of course, not all skincare products need to be refrigerated. Here are a handful of products that should be kept at room temperature.

  • Oil-based products, including facial oils and makeup, should never be refrigerated. Hand and foot masks with shea butter should not go in the fridge. The cold temperatures can cause these products to harden and make them unusable.
  • Clay products, like clay masks, shouldn’t be placed in the fridge. This can change their color and consistency.
  • Some balms will instantly harden in the fridge, especially if they contain oil. Wax balms, on the other hand, can benefit from refrigeration.
  • Fragrance and perfume should always skip cold storage
  • Make-up products are not formulated to be stored in the refrigerator and can be negatively affected by the cold temperature, causing them to become clumpy or separate.

What Are The Benefits of Cold Storage For Beauty Products?

Benefits of Keeping Skincare Products in The Fridge:

    1. Prolongs Shelf Life Keeping your skincare products in the refrigerator can help prolong their shelf life by slowing down the degradation process that can be caused by heat and light.
    2. Soothes Inflammation The cool temperature of refrigerated skincare products can help soothe inflammation, depuff, and reduce redness, making them ideal for people with sensitive or inflamed skin.
    3. Provides a Cooling Sensation Many people find that refrigerated skincare products provide a refreshing and cooling sensation when applied to their skin, making them ideal for use during hot summer months or after a workout.

How To Store Cold Skincare Products

If you’re ready to keep your skincare routine cool for the summer (or year-round), consider a beauty fridge. A pint-sized skincare mini fridge makes a cute addition to your vanity and can keep all your products cool and easily accessible. Of course, you can also keep products in your main fridge too!

Which Patchology Products Should I Put In The Fridge?

serve chilled on ice hydrogel mask

  • All of the Serve Chilled™ collection like Bubbly, Rose, and On Ice are made to go into your beauty fridge (they are still effective without being kept cold) 
  • Try Rejuvenating Eye Gels chilled for an added boost of depuffing
  • Illuminate Flashmasque will feel even more refreshing and brightening when you place in the refrigerator before use

    Chill Time

    Refrigeration can be a great way to keep certain skincare products fresh, effective, and longer-lasting. It can also provide a cooling effect, which can be especially beneficial for certain products like eye creams and sheet masks.

    It's important to remember that not all beauty products are suitable for refrigeration, and some may even be negatively affected by it. If you're unsure whether a particular product should be stored in the fridge, it's always best to consult the instructions or do some research online. 

    Incorporating refrigeration into your skincare routine can be a simple and effective way to get the most out of your beauty products. So, take a look at your skincare collection, and consider which products could benefit from a little extra coolness to keep them fresh and effective for longer.

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