Your Summer Skin Detox

Your Summer Skin Detox

One of the only downsides of this time of year? Sunscreen, sweat, and oil trap dead skin cells and dirt in your pores, leading to zits and dullness. These key moves will make sure your complexion stays clean, clear, and glowy.


Step 1: Cleanse

Use a soft, damp washcloth to gently buff your cleanser into your skin at the end of each day (bonus points if you use an oil cleanser, which breaks down build-up like a pro). The cloth will slough away any debris sitting on top of your skin, halting breakouts and exfoliating glow-sapping dead skin cells.


Step 2: Mask

A clay mask acts as a vacuum for your pores, pulling out impurities and gunk. Look for one with purifying ingredients like Volcanic Ash, Kaolin Clay, or Charcoal (read: SmartMud) and use it once or twice a week.


Step 3: Replenish

Because clays can be drying, follow up with hydrating and soothing treatments like Aloe Vera-spiked FlashMasque Soothe and antioxidant-rich moodpatch™ Perk Up Eye Gels.