The Big Reset: Move It (Don't Lose It) Week!

The Big Reset: Move It (Don't Lose It) Week!

Hey there, fellow fitness friends!  Feeling a little sluggish after the holidays?  Same here. Between indulging in delicious treats and cozying up under blankets, our bodies might be craving a bit of a...reset. Since our week one detox and our week two journaling, let's focus on something sustainable and enjoyable: movement! 

This week, we're all about getting active and incorporating more movement throughout the day. No gym memberships required, no pressure to become a marathon runner overnight. Just gentle nudges to get your body grooving and rediscover the joy of physical activity. 

Think of it as a "Move It (Don't Lose It)" week! We'll be sharing tips, tricks, and some awesome app recommendations to help you stay active, energized, and feeling like your best self. Let's ditch the January blues and embrace a celebration of movement! 

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Get ready for:

  • Quick and easy workout ideas you can do anywhere, anytime. ‍
  • Inspirational tips to make movement a fun and rewarding habit. ✨
  • App recommendations to turn your phone into your personal fitness coach.

So, put on your comfiest workout clothes, grab a glass of water, and get ready to move your body! This week is all about finding joy in movement, one step (or jump, or stretch) at a time. 

Our Fave Fitness Apps to Get Started

Alive app - This full-body strength-training app has 20+ programs to guide your exercise at home or in the gym. It’s like having a personal trainer wherever you go.

Alive by Whitney Simmons (

FitOn app - One of the most popular fitness and Pilates apps with 4,000+ 5-star ratings, it has a wide variety of workout plans for every level and need.

FitOn – 1 Free Fitness App, Stop Paying for Home Workouts (

Sweat - This app combines resistance training with weight training, pilates and yoga. You can find a program for any fitness goal.

Sweat App: Every Drop Counts – SWEAT

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P.S. Stay tuned for awesome content throughout the week, including dedicated sections on:

  • Morning Movement Magic: Gentle stretches and routines to kickstart your day. ☀️
  • Lunchtime Express Workouts: Desk-friendly exercises to get your blood pumping during your break. ⏱️
  • Evening Unwind and Recharge: Relaxing yoga flows and meditation practices to help you de-stress. 

Let's move it together, shall we? This is going to be a week of rediscovering the power of movement! 

We hope this gets you excited for the week ahead! Remember, movement is for everyone, and there's no pressure to be perfect. Just show up, have fun, and enjoy the journey!