11 MAJOR Mistakes You’re Making When Using a Foot Peel

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Foot peels can be an amazing tool, crucial to every self-care routine if used correctly. We’ve heard way too many horror stories of foot peels gone wrong – flaky skin all over a yoga mat, shedding during a wedding, and even peels that just won’t do the job. As experts in the art of the foot peel, we want to help you feel confident before, during, and after the application process. 

In this article, we’ll address the most common mistakes people make when using foot peels so we can save you from embarrassing situations and wasted products.

What is a foot peel?

First and foremost, what is a foot peel? If you’ve never used one before, a peeling foot mask is different from your average pedicure. 

You slip your feet into booties packed with AHA’s and BHA’s, which are hydroxy acids that help with skin peeling and extracting sebum.

After soaking your feet for 60-90 minutes, your feet may feel softer after use, but don’t be fooled – in the days after using a foot peel, you will notice patches of your calloused skin falling off. It’s not the sexiest process – it’s sort of like a snake shedding its skin – but it’s extremely worth it.In the weeks to come, the entire exfoliation process will unfold, leaving you with incredibly soft skin.

Why should foot peels be part of your seasonal self-care routine?

Foot peels are the perfect solution to reverse dry, cracked heels and dead skin buildup. Foot creams and epsom salts can only do so much – sometimes you need to bring out the heavy hitters!  

Foot peels can remove: 

  • Corns
  • Callouses
  • Blisters
  • Dry, Cracked Skin

The process can seem a bit intimidating because it will be longer than your typical face mask, but once you experience baby-soft skin and clean, smooth toes, we promise you’ll be hooked!

How to use a foot peel

Set yourself up for success by reading the instructions on your foot peel before beginning the application process. Trust us…we’re speaking from experience. 

We recommend our PoshPeel™ Pedi Cure as the perfect post-summer peel to get rid of any tough spots accumulated from summer’s wear on the feet. 

In just 1-2 weeks, you can remove the wear from 3 months of flip-flops, rough sand, and long walks. 

How to use the PoshPeel: 

In your PoshPeel Pedi Cure box, you’ll receive a Foot Peel Mask and Activating Essence. 

Here’s how you use it: 

Step 1: Soak your feet in warm water for 30 minutes prior to use. Taking a warm shower prior to use will also work.
Step 2: Pour the Activating Essence into one of the Foot Peel Masks and evenly distribute along the inside of the cotton lining.
Step 3: Place your foot inside the foot mask and seal it with the attached closure. Repeat for the other foot.
Step 4: Wear for at least 60 minutes. You can wear the booties for up to 90 minutes if you want deeper exfoliation for tougher callouses or if you haven’t used a foot peel recently. Keep your feet flat on the ground and level throughout use. Don't kick your feet up or the treatment won’t apply evenly!
Step 5: Remove the foot peel masks. Thoroughly rinse and dry your feet.
Step 6: In 7-8 days when the peeling begins, soak your feet to help the exfoliation. Progressive peeling action will take place over the next couple of weeks. Repeat soaking your feet until the peeling is complete.
Step 7: As soon as the peeling starts, wear socks to keep dead skin contained. Protect your feet until everything is done shedding. From start to finish, don't peel your own skin off! The shedding process will take about 1-2 weeks depending on how much dead skin you have on your feet.

As you can see, we’ve already touched on some things to avoid while applying your foot peel.  In order to have a positive experience with your foot peel, avoid these 11 mistakes so you can get the most out of your foot peel. 

11 mistakes you’re making when using a foot peel 


If you’re making any of these mistakes, that’s okay! We’re here to suggest alternatives and help you understand why these bad habits can damage your foot peel experience. 

1. You’re not using them regularly enough 

At the very least, we recommend leaving two weeks in between treatments if you want to do a foot peel shortly after your last one. However, doing a foot peel every 3-4 months will yield the best results. With this rhythm, you can ensure polished feet in every season and maintain the softness without waiting too long between applications – we don’t want the rough heels and toes to show up again! 

Avoid using PoshPeel right after a pedicure, as the exfoliation may remove your toenail polish and you may not see noticeable results without enough dead skin on your feet.

2. You’re not timing it properly with your event

Let’s face it – shedding layers of dead skin from your feet can be…kinda icky. It’s important to time your foot peel properly so you’re rocking baby-soft feet on vacation instead of reptile-inspired dead skin. If you have an event coming up and want your feet to look picture-perfect, we recommend using our at-home foot peel kit at least three weeks in advance. This allows you to complete the full cycle and shed your skin in private. No one wants to see crusty feet on vacation!

3. You didn’t soak your feet beforehand

If you’ve ever tried a foot peel that didn’t work, this could be the reason why. It’s important to thoroughly soak your feet for about 30 minutes or take a long, steamy shower to ensure the skin is softened before slipping into the booties. 

4. You’re peeling your dead skin by hand

Don’t rub, pick at, or peel your dead skin. If the skin isn't quite ready to come off, you can end up with a painful open sore. Instead, soak your feet for 30 minutes as needed throughout the duration of your foot peel. Soaking your feet will help loosen any dead skin that’s ready to come off. 

5. You’re not using your foot peel time as “me time”

Instead of frowning at the 60-90 minute time frame required for a foot peel, use this time as “me time”! This is an opportunity to pamper yourself and create a luxurious, immersive experience that will not only reset your feet but also your mind and body. 

If you need some suggestions of what to do during your “me time”, you can listen to music, read a book, watch your favorite show, do a face mask, call a family member or friend, meditate, paint your nails, or practice the art of doing nothing (it’s harder than it sounds!). 

Checkout how you can create a spa day at home for less than $25.

6. You’re getting impatient 

Rushing the process is a very common mistake that can lead to an ineffective foot peel. Whether you’re cutting corners during application or afterward, this can be detrimental to your foot peel success. Make sure you’re committed to leaving the booties on for at least 60 - 90 minutes and waiting 3 weeks to see the final results.

7. You’re not skincare stacking while you wait

If you’re not familiar with skincare stacking, it’s essentially habit stacking for your self-care routine. Habit stacking in skincare is when you apply multiple skincare products at once to maximize efficacy in a shorter amount of time. For example, you could be applying eye gels to target undereye darkness and fine lines while you’re soaking in your foot peel booties. 

For maximum chill, you can apply a face mask right on top of the eye gels to deeply moisturize and promote a radiant, dewy glow to your complexion. See what we’re getting at? 

We highly recommend the Chill Mode Eye Gels and Face Mask for total relaxation. Can you imagine how you’ll feel after 1.5 hours of self-care and calm?

Pro-Tip: Add a hand mask! Applying a hand mask means you’re committed to doing nothing but relaxing – that’s ultimate self-care if you ask us. 

8. You’re not inviting friends to peel with you 

Foot peels are the perfect spa night for two! All you need is a friend, a foot peel 2-pack, and refreshing cucumber water to enjoy a DIY spa night from the comfort of your home.

This is also a great date night activity. A couple who peels together, stays together, right? You’ll find the PoshPeel™ XL for larger feet inside the Self-Care For Him Kit along with all of the essentials to skincare stack with you – because everyone deserves a little “me time”. 

9. You’re applying lotion after your foot peel 

Don’t even think about applying lotion after your foot peel! We don’t recommend this because the oils found in most lotions could interact with the acids in the peel and reduce its efficacy.

Instead of using lotion, soak your feet for 30 minutes at a time to expedite the exfoliation process until the peeling is complete. Once you’re done soaking, pat your feet fully dry and then slip into your favorite socks. 

10. Your skin is too sensitive for a foot peel 

If you’re experiencing soreness, itching, redness, or blistering, you could be having an allergic reaction to your foot peel. Stay away from foot peels if you’re currently experiencing or have a history of:

  • Rashes, redness, or wounds
  • Eczema, Athlete's Foot, or Psoriasis
  • Contact dermatitis

For those with sensitive skin, try the Best Foot Forward foot mask! It’s ideal for moisturizing and hydrating your feet with a soothing blend of shea butter and coconut oil sans the acids in a foot peel.

11. You’re not maintaining your foot care routine year-round

rose toes

Once you’ve finished the peeling process, it’s important to maintain a foot care routine in between peels. Try Rosé Toes Renewing Foot Mask to upkeep moisture, smoothness, and suppleness to dry, rough feet. 

This is not a foot peel – the mask is enriched with a blend of hydrating and soothing ingredients that work together to deeply nourish your skin, leaving your feet feeling soft, smooth, and revitalized after just 10-15 minutes.

Goodbye, crusty toes, and hello, confidence! 

You have officially graduated to Foot Peel Expert! By refraining from these common mistakes many people make while using a foot peel, you’ll be sure to have success the next time you slip into your booties. 

Now it’s time to kick back, relax, and enjoy soles so soft a baby would be jealous. 

Remember – foot peels are the real deal when it comes to pampering your feet and bidding farewell to dry, cracked heels. As long as you embrace the process, time it right before your big events, and resist the urge to pick at your skin, everything will work out just fine.

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