How To Have A Luxurious Spa Day at Home Under $50

spa day at home patchology self-care less than fifty dollars

When was the last time you indulged in head-to-toe self-care? Let’s face it – chances are you’re overdue for a luxurious pampering experience at the spa. With the average spa day ranging from $150 - $450, treating yourself is a luxury that can feel so far away. However, our guide to a budget-friendly spa day will help you build a pampering experience for just under $50. 

All you need is the Cloud Nine Self-Care Kit from Patchology and a few simple items you probably already have at home. Follow our 10-step guide to unwind and rejuvenate without emptying your wallet! 

Gather Your Supplies

Nothing ruins a spa experience like digging through drawers and looking for items while you have a face mask on. Instead, get all your supplies out and ready to use so all that’s left to do is relax and enjoy your holistic spa experience. 

What You’ll Need: cloud nine kit

Cloud Nine Self-Care Kit


  • 2 Rosé Face Masks
  • 5 Rosé Eye Gels
  • 1 Renewing Rosé Fingers Mask
  • 1 Renewing Rosé Toes Mask

    The Cloud Nine Self-Care Kit was created for convenience. Take the guesswork out of picking your masks and focus on relaxation with this curated head-to-toe self-care kit! 

    Other Spa Essentials:

    use a candle to unwind and relax at your home spa day

    Candles: Transform the ambiance with candlelight and calm your senses while welcoming tranquility into the space.

    Blankets & Pillows: Prepare a cozy oasis by laying out plush blankets and pillows, creating a cocoon of comfort.

    Towels: Stock up on soft, fluffy towels for drying off after your relaxing bath or shower.

    Soothing Music: Select your favorite playlist or calming tunes to create an audio backdrop for your chill zone.

    Shower Gel or Bath Bombs: Elevate your bath or shower experience by engaging the senses with invigorating scents such as lavender, coconut, and citrus.

    Bathrobe: Wrap yourself in a luxurious bathrobe to extend your comfort post-shower or bath. We're big fans of the Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe and this Brooklinen Wavelength Robe.

    Body Scrub or Exfoliating Glove: Incorporate gentle exfoliation into your routine for silky-smooth skin that glows.

    A Refreshing Drink: Quench your thirst with a refreshing beverage that complements your spa day's atmosphere. Consider tea, infused water, champagne, or your favorite mocktail in a wine glass.

    A Decadent Treat: Treat yourself to a light snack that amplifies the luxury of your self-care experience. Lay out chocolate-covered strawberries, truffles, fresh-cut fruit, or anything that says “relaxation” to you.

    Laptop, Tablet, or TV: Prepare your favorite entertainment device to keep you lightly entertained while you unwind and avoid boredom. 

    Your favorite book: Immerse yourself in the pages of a captivating story as an act of self-care.

    Journal & Pen: Capture your reflections before or after your spa day and release any overwhelming thoughts or feelings.

    Remember, your idea of relaxation and self-care could be someone else’s idea of boredom and anxiety. Everyday Health has additional ideas for self-care at home if you're looking for even more ideas. The goal is to create an environment that helps YOU relax and indulge in self-care. Feel free to adapt the supplies to suit your preferences and make your spa day a personalized experience!

    Set the Mood

    relax bath or shower to get ready for your. me-time patchology self-care

    Now that you’ve gathered your supplies, it’s time to set the mooooood. Are you ready?  

    Choose a comfortable spot, whether it's your living room, bedroom, or even your bathroom. Lay out a soft blanket, cushions, or towels for lounging.  

    Once you’ve created a chill zone, it’s time to dim the lights, play soothing music, and light scented candles to create a serene atmosphere. By setting up a tranquil space, you're ensuring that every moment of your spa day is a step towards relaxation and rejuvenation. 

    Start with a Steamy Shower or Bath

    First, let’s get clean and relax our muscles! Begin your spa day by indulging in a warm, steamy shower or a luxurious bath. Elevate the experience by using your favorite shower gel or body scrub in the shower. If you have a bathtub, fill it with bubble bath and bath bombs for an extra treat.

    Put your electronic devices away and enjoy the ambiance while you engage your senses in this head-to-toe experience. This is the perfect time to remember why you’re doing this in the first place – self-care is a way of leaving the outside world behind and making it all about you!

    Once you’re dry, apply body lotion to lock moisture into the skin. Slip into your favorite bathrobe or loungewear and head back to your serene chill zone for more me-time. Taking the time to slowly transition back into your chill zone is a way to give your body time to fully absorb the benefits of your bath or shower.

    Under-Eye and Facial Care

    rose sheet mask in hands patchology restoring renewing skincare

    As if the bath wasn’t enough of a treat, now we’re going to start busting out the skincare. After pampering yourself with eye gels, face masks, hydrating booties, and mitten masks, you’ll wish every weekend was a DIY spa day. Yes, please!  

    First, start off by applying Rosé Eye Gels from the Cloud Nine Self-Care Kit to soothe and rejuvenate tired eyes. These eye gels are loaded with antioxidants such as resveratrol to protect the skin from environmental aggressors. They also provide an ultra-hydrating dose of Hyaluronic Acid to target puffiness and dark circles, leaving your eyes refreshed and bright.

    Then, apply the Rosé Face Mask on top, sealing in the eye gels. As the mask works its magic, your skin absorbs nourishing botanicals to revitalize your skin, giving you a radiant and youthful complexion. 

    While you let antioxidants and hyaluronic acid seep into your skin, use these 5 minutes to meditate, practice deep breathing, or simply relax. Your skin benefits from the mask, and you benefit from the mental escape. Now that’s a holistic rejuvenation experience!

    Once you peel your masks off, your under-eyes and face will be nourished, deeply hydrated, and visibly rejuvenated. Your mind will also be refreshed from its opportunity to restore and revitalize. 

    Pamper Your Hands and Feet

    The next step in your holistic spa journey is to pamper your hands and feet! It’s hard to believe this spa day only costs $50, right?! Before you get started, set up a light-hearted or inspiring TV show or grab your favorite book so you can unwind with ease for the next 10-15 minutes. Don’t forget to set up your entertainment, because your hands and feet will be occupied, demanding extreme hands-off relaxation! You can also choose to meditate for 10-15 minutes if that’s your vibe. 

    rose toes spa day at home to restore and hydrate your feet patchology

    First, apply the Renewing Rosé Toes Mask to your feet to ensure the booties are secure. These masks are designed to provide intense hydration to the often-neglected skin of your feet, leaving them soft and rejuvenated. 

    Then, apply the Renewing Rosé Fingers Mask to your hands. These finger masks are infused with nourishing ingredients that target dryness and leave your hands feeling silky-smooth. 

    The Rosé Renewing Fingers and Toes Masks are enriched with a blend of hydrating and soothing ingredients, such as shea butter, strawberry oil, and resveratrol, that will restore moisture, smoothness, and elasticity to dry hands and feet. The natural extracts work together to deeply moisturize and nourish your skin, leaving your extremities feeling soft and revitalized while protecting them from signs of environmental stressors, which can lead to early aging.

    Pro tip: Wrap your feet in a warm towel or heating pad to enhance the benefits of the Rosé Hand and Foot Masks! The warmth opens up your pores and allows the nourishing ingredients to penetrate deeper into your skin. This can help to boost hydration and improve the overall effectiveness of the mask.

    Let the masks work their magic while you unwind with your favorite entertainment. 

    Once time is up, discard of the booties and mittens and massage the remaining cream into your skin – no need to wipe or rinse afterward! Slip into your favorite fuzzy socks and get ready for the next phase of pampering.

    Indulge in a Refreshing Drink or a Decadent Treat

    enjoy herbal peppermint tea at home

    Now that you’ve treated your mind and body to ultimate relaxation, it’s time to treat your soul. If you’re not sure how to do that, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with some ideas. 

    Brew a cup of your favorite herbal tea, prepare a refreshing infused water, or pour a glass of bubbly. This is where you skip soda or coffee – instead, think of what you’d want to be served at a spa!

    If you could use a decadent treat, snack on fruit, chocolate-covered strawberries, truffles, cheese and crackers, finger sandwiches, or even sliced cucumbers.

    Feel the luxury – build an intentional moment and allow your soul to light up with whatever beverage and snack you choose. 

    This part of your head-to-toe self-care is about romanticizing life and building a connection with your senses. Close your eyes, take a sip or a bite, and feel the indulgence wash over you. 

    It really is a state of mind, so it might take some practice, but it’ll be worth it when you look back on your spa day and remember it like a warm, fuzzy, luxurious dream. 

    Wind Down and Reflect

    journaling selfcare at home rest and restore 

    As you're winding down from your spa sesh, it's time to do a bit of reflecting. These are your zen moments to soak up what just went down. 

    How are you feeling right now? Think about the shift in your mood from when you started to this very moment – the whole relaxation upgrade you invited and the glow-up you've given yourself. 

    Open up your journal and jot down any positive thoughts, affirmations, or aha moments. This is the perfect time to remember the importance of self-care and how easily it can be integrated into your routine! 

    Enjoy Entertainment

    Now it’s time to bring your spa day to a close and transition slowly into your next relaxation task. Wrap yourself up in a snuggly blanket and dive into your favorite movie or book. 

    Allow the relaxation in your mind, body, and soul to integrate, and take a second to be proud of yourself for setting aside time to do something great for yourself! 

    Remember that this moment and feeling is never far away. You can always come back to your favorite parts of this ritual whenever you want. 

    Your Invitation to Self-Care: Embrace the DIY Spa Day

    As you can see, you don't need to break the bank for a luxurious spa experience! This entire ambiance was created for under $50 and you were able to pamper your skin, body, and mind! 

    With just the Cloud Nine Self-Care Kit and supplies you find around the house, you can create a rejuvenating spa day that leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and pampered. Don’t forget you can bring your friends or significant other along for the ride as well! We could all use a little self-care. 

    This is your sign to have a DIY spa day –  it can really bring you the rejuvenation and calm you’ve been needing! Self-care doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag – after all, it's truly about taking time for yourself and embracing the comfort of your own space.

    Shop Patchology’s self-care collections here.