Why Are My Feet Peeling? The Best Ways to Fix Peeling Skin on Feet

Feet with foot cream Rose Toes hydrating cream treatment

Why is it that, no matter the season, so many of us are stuck with peeling skin on our feet? It’s not comfortable, and it sure isn’t pretty.

But we’ve got two pieces of good news for you: First, feet peeling is completely normal and natural. Second, it’s treatable! And the treatments for peeling skin on the feet or cracked skin on our feet are pretty nice reminders of the value of kicking back and taking time for self care. 

Read on and soon, instead of wondering “Why are my feet peeling?” you’ll be asking “Which fancy foot mask should I try this time?”

Why Is the Skin on My Feet Peeling?

what is the cause of dry cracked feet
What are the most common causes of peeling skin? Here’s what causes feet to peel in many cases:

  • Routine or heavy activity like hiking or sports
  • Harsh weather, hot and humid environments or cold and dry conditions
  • Repeated exposure to the elements when barefoot or in open shoes like flip flops and sandals
  • Skin conditions like athlete’s foot, a fungal infection or eczema (ask your doctor for remedies for these)

Your feet serve an important role, so it’s essential to care for them when you notice dry, peeling, or cracked skin.

How To Treat Peeling Feet

If you’re stuck with peeling skin on your feet, you’ll need to shed those layers of dead skin cells. The most common foot care treatments for peeling skin include tools, scrubs, peels and other remedies. As discussed in Vogue, these fall into two different categories: physical and chemical exfoliation.

Physical Exfoliation

This type of exfoliation uses friction to literally scrub away the unwanted layers of skin. Such foot care treatments can include pumice stones and motorized foot files. Foot scrubs with gritty ingredients also provide physical exfoliation. The downside is that these manual methods may end up causing additional irritation rather than restoring your skin.

Chemical Exfoliation

Unlike physical exfoliation, chemical exfoliation harnesses the power of no-nonsense acids and other ingredients that work their way under dead skin cells and release them. This helps your feet slough off the old layers to reveal softer, younger skin beneath.

Look for foot peels and foot masks to reap the benefits. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t follow chemical exfoliation with physical scrubbing. Leave your feet be for about a week or more after the treatment and you’ll definitely see some shedding.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize!

Whether you’re using physical or chemical exfoliation, the last step in your foot care routine is to lock in moisture with a hydrating foot mask. You can even let your feet soak in the goodness overnight by wearing fuzzy pedicure socks.

Care for Your Peeling Feet at Home With Patchology

Before and After Poshpeel exfoliating

If you’re looking for an at-home care solution to peeling skin on your feet, check out Patchology’s POSHPEEL Pedi Cure foot peel kit. This easy-to-use exfoliating botanical treatment can give you spa-level results.

You’ll notice softer, more nourished skin right away. But the magic really happens in the following days as your feet shed dry skin cells to reveal baby-soft layers beneath. You could call it a toe-tally effortless treatment!

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