The Serve Chilled™ Collection: Bubbly

Honestly, you loved our Rosé Eye Gels and Rosé Sheet Maskso much, we couldn’t resist adding another top-shelf product to the Serve Chilled™ Collection. Introducing our all-new, fizz-infusedBubbly Eye Gels, formulated to lift your skin’s...

Dry Lips? Try these 3 tips for the best lip care

By incorporating these three basics into your lip care routine, you can keep your pout soft, smooth, and healthy year-round. Hydration: Keeping your lips hydrated is key to preventing moisture loss. Drink plenty of water...

Bye Bye Maskne: Leave that face mask acne behind

If maskne doesn’t make its way into Merriam-Webster soon, we’ll be shocked. Maskne is a common term used to describe the breakouts and acne that occur due to wearing a mask for extended periods of...

Puffy Under Eyes Go Poof With These Tricks

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6 Ways to Ghost a Potential Winter Cold

Permission to walk away from germs without warning, granted.

Meet moodpatch™ Chill Mode

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Quick Tips for Surviving That September Slump

Let’s face it: going back to school can be a drag. Here are our tricks to make that first month back a bit more bearable. 

Post-Summer Peel: Save Our Soles

You’ve been hitting the beach all summer, and your feet your feet are likely in desperate need of some replenishing. No need to book a pedi appointment, we’ve got you covered.