Beauty Care Holiday Gift Ideas: For Anyone in need of some Self Care

by Daren Curry / Nov 02, 2020
Beauty Care Holiday Gift Ideas: For Anyone in need of some Self Care

Welcome to the one-stop shop for all your holiday gifts this year...yourself included.  



At Patchology, we believe that self care is the truest form of love. So help your family and friends (and you too) find a few me-moments this holiday season with our favorite skin care gifts that are just as relaxing as they are effective.



WHO: your overworked friend who needs to hear our favorite 3 words: Treat yo’ self.

WHY: they’ll get the double treatment for perfectly polished feet and the bonus of guaranteed time to sit back and block out the holiday-induced stress. 



Best in Snow Holiday Kit

Best in Snow

WHO: your homebody mom who loves hygge and hates the cold. 

WHY: they can queue up those classic holiday movies, a nice cuppa something, a comfy couch—and the frost will melt off in no time. 



Merry & Bright Holiday Kit

Merry & Bright

WHO: your beauty guru brother who loves to sparkle. 

WHY: They can use these limited edition glitter eye gels before bed for visions of sugar plums or before the zoom party to shine brighter than the tree.



Lip Service

Lip Service

WHO: your roommate who keeps things simple.

WHY: this gloss-to-balm treatment is everything they need to nourish lips and look amazing...even if there are no gatherings to attend.



Little Helpers: Calm

Little Helper Calm

WHO: your friend who gets a little too stressed, er, excited around the holidays

WHY: answering a few too many family questions about why they’re still single. 




WHO: your sweet toothed sister

WHY: skin irritation from too many candy canes and spiked eggnogs that can be fixed with a mask that’s less clean up than cookie decorating